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Are you thinking about an IT career in the Netherlands?
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ITcareersholland is an International IT Recruitment Startup with the focus on Software & Data(Analytics) talents.

Our goal is to connect qualified IT talents who live in Europe with companies in the Netherlands.

Our goal is to facilitate an international IT talent during the relocation to the Netherlands.

We believe that a positive customer experience starts when an IT talent feels a desire for an international work experience.  

Therefore we believe that our values and service help us to play an essential role for a positive customer experience. Every day we work hard to stay a successful recruitment partner for the international IT talent and company that is searching for skilled IT talent.

Great country for IT talent
Career opportunities in the IT-field are also in other European countries.
So what makes the Netherlands so attractive?

Θ The Netherlands is a global leader for talent competitiveness.

Does your company have difficulties to find skilled Software & Data(Analytics) IT talent? 

Watch what ITcareersholland does as a Recruitment Partner to give you access to a unique network of people. Together we can discover who can support you to reach your company goals.  

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What is your reason to visit our recruitment solutions for your IT vacancy?

We would like to drink a cup of coffee with you. 

See how we integrate customer experience, visibility and true-pricing in our service.

Therefore we offer a free consultation to analyse how to find the right IT talent for your vacancy.

Our service provides

1st cycle
♦ Publication of vacancy on our channels
♦ Searching for IT talent
♦ Screening of IT talent

2nd cycle
♦ Selection of suitable IT talent
♦ Support of IT talent in application process  

3rd cycle
♦ The integration of IT talent 

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Are you searching for IT opportunities in the Netherlands?

See how ITcareersholland is helping International IT talents in Europe to find a job in the Netherlands.

IT in the Netherlands

Core service for IT talent

ITcareersholland helps you to find a job in the Netherlands.

We provide all the information you need and we give personal support and facilitate you before, during and after your job application process.


Our service supports you in several phases:

♦ Define personal goals
♦ Find job opportunities

♦ Job application process
♦ Training and coaching
♦ Law and legislation

♦ Support integration process

QA Engineer
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As an Italian the process of job searching in the Netherlands is not always clear. Madou explained me all the steps to find the best job for me.
Software developer
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I needed some information about specific opportunities in the Netherlands. ITcareersholland helped me to prepare for the new job.
Data Engineer
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I was really satisfied with your service!
Java Software Developer
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You are the nicest person I have met in NL. I really appreciate you openness to other cultures and societies.
Rate of our customers 9,7

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