10 Ways Automation Makes Life Easier for Everyone


Once confined to factory floors, automation has become a part of everyday life. As of 2019, 71% of global organizations had either adopted automation or were implementing it soon. Automated technologies have also become commonplace in consumer markets, whether people realize it or not.Automation’s impact on both work and leisure may be more significant than many people realize. Here are 10 ways it’s making life easier for everyone.1. Lowering the Risk of Worker InjuryContact with harmful objects, overexertion, and repetitive stress are three of the most common injuries in many workplaces. These are also all areas where robots can automate tasks, keeping humans safe from harm. By automating riskier jobs, workplaces can reduce worker injury rates.Robots tend to be better than humans at repetitive, physically intensive tasks. These are also areas where injuries are more likely. As companies have automated these jobs, injury rates have declined.2. Streamlining Everyday TasksMany consumers use automation every day through their phones or other smart devices. Tasks like scheduling, starting household appliances, or organizing files may not seem overly time-consuming, but they amount to a considerable portion of people’s days.When people automate them, they save a lot of time overall, giving them more free time.3. …

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