2020 Post COVID-19: The State Of Data Privacy


The world has seen great technological advancement over the last several years, and plenty of them have made our lives a lot easier.Anyone can make a payment to someone on the other side of the world without leaving their computer. In a few clicks, you can order food, clothes, or even a new phone, computer, or use the maps to navigate the world with ease and never get lost, even in completely new areas. You can listen to your favorite song, watch your favorite film, and binge-watch your favorite show at any time, and pretty much at any place. However, don’t think that all of these benefits came for free. We did have to pay for their use, and we are paying for it constantly by giving away our privacy.Giving away online privacy: Is it worth it?Of course, giving away your online privacy doesn’t seem like a bad trade for all the benefits that you get in return. After all, everything we have mentioned so far was only scratching the surface of what you can do online.And, in exchange, you just have to click a single button that says “I agree” at the end of the large document that you …

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