Smart Government and IoT: The Importance of Integration

How does one define “smart” in the digital age?  It can be argued that the term represents a creative solution driven by a precise mission.  To another, it’s defined by the latest machine learning (ML) algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI)-guided decision-making features in the newest release of a tool.  While its meaning varies for each […]

Transitioning to a Mass Remote Workforce – We Must Verify Before Trusting

While not a new practice, the sheer volume of people required to adhere to social distancing best practices means we now have a mass workforce working remotely. Most enterprises and SMBs can support working remotely today but many IT departments are not equipped to scale to the numbers currently required. In this blog we discuss […]

COVID-19 Threat Update – now includes Blood for Sale

Although the use of global events as a vehicle to drive digital crime is hardly surprising, the current outbreak of COVID-19 has revealed a multitude of vectors, including one in particular that is somewhat out of the ordinary. In a sea of offers for face masks, a recent posting on a dark web forum reveals […]