RagnarLocker Ransomware Threatens to Release Confidential Information

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The RagnarLocker ransomware first appeared in the wild at the end of December 2019 as part of a campaign against compromised networks targeted by its operators. The ransomware code is small (only 48kb after the protection in its custom packer is removed) and coded in a high programming language (C/C++). Like all ransomware, […]

Your CEO Just Asked If We Are Protected from This Threat? Now What?

For years, CISOs have grappled with a fundamental challenge – understanding how protected they truly are against the latest threats and campaigns facing them. Never really knowing what threats and campaigns matter most to their specific organization, security teams have typically had to wait until vulnerabilities were weaponized, and threats were materialized before taking action. […]

Simplify Secure Cloud Adoption with Your Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway

Today, with increased cloud adoption, more than eighty percent of corporate network traffic is destined for the internet. Backhauling internet traffic to a traditional Web Gateway’s “Hub and Spoke” architecture can be very costly. Network slows to a halt as traffics spikes, and VPN for remote workers proved to be ineffective and low performance in […]

6 Important Big Data Future Trends, According To Experts

Many people agree that big data is here to stay and not a mere fad. Something that is not so clear-cut to everyday individuals concerns the future trends of big data analytics. These technologies are quickly evolving. What does that mean for the businesses that use them now or will soon? What is big data […]