Software Package Management with AWS CodeArtifact

Software artifact repositories and their associated package managers are an essential component of development. Downloading and referencing pre-built libraries of software with a package manager, at the point in time the libraries are needed, simplifies both development and build processes. A variety of package repositories can be used, for example Maven Central, npm public registry, […]

Future of Work and the Impact of Technology and WFH

Over the past few months, the American job market has seen a lot of change. Employees made the transition from commuting into an office every day to working from home. Some people lost work or experienced reduced hours, and the unemployment rate in the U.S. has jumped to 13.3% as of May 2020. However, new challenges breed new opportunities, and there are some jobs that are […]

Monitor Spark streaming applications on Amazon EMR

For applications to be enterprise-ready, you need to consider many aspects of the application before moving to a production environment and have operational visibility of your application. You can get that visibility through metrics that measure your application’s health and performance and feed application dashboards and alarms. In streaming applications, you need to benchmark different […]

Quantifying Cloud Security Effectiveness | McAfee Blogs

Let’s start with the good news. Agencies are adopting cloud services at an increased rate. Adoption has only increased in times of coronavirus quarantine lockdowns with most federal, state and municipal workforce working from home. What’s even better news is that we also see increased adoption of cloud security tools, like CASB, which is commensurate […]

New – Label 3D Point Clouds with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

Launched at AWS re:Invent 2018, Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth is a capability of Amazon SageMaker that makes it easy to annotate machine learning datasets. Customers can efficiently and accurately label image and text data with built-in workflows, or any other type of data with custom workflows. Data samples are automatically distributed to a workforce (private, […]

Retail, Analytics, and the Economic Crisis: Three Lessons Learned

Click to learn more about author Julien Gautier. Over the last month, the business world has come to a standstill with organizations across the business landscape scrambling to make sense of how to preserve revenue as the world grapples with the economic downturn associated with COVID-19. This is particularly true in one industry: retail. The […]