Remembering the Small Customer and Social Media Risk During the Pandemic

A few days ago, I got a note from a small business owner, and he was upset. He’d bought a new laptop from a major brand, and within a couple of days, he broke the screen. While he admitted it was his fault, it still needed repairing. Somehow, he dropped into “work from home” support […]

Data Systems International Uses Big Data Advances In Supply-Chain Management

Medical supply-chain management is a complicated process that can only be managed effectively with new advances in big data. Companies are using big data to ensure reliable delivery and strategic resource allocation. One of the leading companies in this space is Data Systems International, a 40-year old company that has proven to be a remarkable […]

Time to Move from Reactive to Proactive Endpoint Security

One of the most useful new ideas in software development (especially in DevOps) is the concept of “shift-left.” Its meaning is simple: The earlier you are able to tackle an issue, the less trouble you will have later by preventing defects early in the software delivery process. But shift-left is also particularly relevant to Endpoint […]

Sony games chief says next-gen is a ‘paradigm shift’ as PS5 unveiled

Sony has finally unveiled the PS5’s design along with a host of games that will kick off a new generation described as a “paradigm shift”. The internet has had its usual fun with the physical design of the upcoming console. Many have pointed out that it looks like an obnoxious router, while others have likened […]

New Insights From McAfee’s Survey Around Remote Work

The last few months have brought about a lot of change for all of us. Due to social distancing, companies across the world saw a huge increase in the number of people working remotely over the last few months. So as countries now start to relax social distancing and organizations consider shifting back to previous in-office work […]

AI and Human Operators Combine to Train Robots

Click to learn more about author Samuel Bocetta. Ever since the first crude cinematic robot first arrived on the scene in the 1927 movie Metropolis, humans have been fixated on the fear that they would come to rue the day artificial intelligence (AI) was summoned into existence and that, eventually, the masters would become slaves […]