New – A Shared File System for Your Lambda Functions

I am very happy to announce that AWS Lambda functions can now mount an Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), a scalable and elastic NFS file system storing data within and across multiple availability zones (AZ) for high availability and durability. In this way, you can use a familiar file system interface to store and share data across […]

Best practices for Amazon Redshift Federated Query

Amazon Redshift Federated Query enables you to use the analytic power of Amazon Redshift to directly query data stored in Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL databases. For more information about setting up an environment where you can try out Federated Query, see Accelerate Amazon Redshift Federated Query adoption with AWS CloudFormation. Federated […]

Internet Privacy: Tips & Tricks for Staying Secure Online

How much value do you place on your personal privacy? You would never leave your wallet on a public park bench and expect it to be safe and untouched. It is possible that no one would take your valuable belongings, but you’d never intentionally take the risk – so why would you risk your personal […]

The Russian Disinfo Operation You Never Heard About

The Internet Research Agency is infamous for flooding mainstream social media platforms with compelling disinformation campaigns. The GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, deploys strategic data leaks and destabilizing cyberattacks. But in the recent history of Russia’s online meddling, a third, distinct entity may have been at work on many of the same objectives—indicating that Russia’s […]

Zoom rise fuels conferencing SaaS market gains on its own

The stratospheric rise of Zoom has caused the market for conferencing software as a service (SaaS) to hit more than $800 million in the first quarter of this year, according to Synergy Research. The figures are divided into two camps – and reveal another facet of the enterprise IT software market being cannibalised by cloud. […]

Optimizing Virtual Agent (VA) Training

Achieve NLU model’s precision, recall & accuracy up to 78% The success of any Virtual Agent (VA) depends on the training of its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model prior to configuration. A Major challenge is providing the right set of representative examples from historical data for this training. Identifying a few hundreds of right examples […]

Google further opens Maps to developers, enables Pokemon Go-like games

Google has improved the access developers have to Maps, providing the ability to build things such as games which offer alternate versions of the real world. The most obvious example of such a game is Niantic’s Pokémon Go which, while not quite as viral as it once was, remains popular today. Niantic was once a […]

Amazon EKS Now Supports EC2 Inf1 Instances

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has quickly become a leading choice for machine learning workloads. It combines the developer agility and the scalability of Kubernetes, with the wide selection of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance types available on AWS, such as the C5, P3, and G4 families. As models become more sophisticated, hardware acceleration […]