Zoom Reverses Course and Promises End-to-End Encryption for All Users

After weeks of criticism over its inflated encryption claims, videoconferencing platform Zoom announced in early April that it would develop full end-to-end encryption for video and audio calls made through the service. At the end of May, though, the company said that this protection would only be available to paying customers—free accounts would be out […]

Body Cameras Haven’t Stopped Police Brutality. Here’s Why

After Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, igniting the national Black Lives Matter movement, everyone from then president Barack Obama to members of Brown’s family embraced a relatively new solution for reform: Equip officers with body cameras. If police knew their every action was being recorded, the reasoning went, they […]

Kubernetes AWS: Tips Native Development

Kubernetes is a container orchestration and management tool that automates container deployment. Kubernetes is mainly used in the cloud. A recent survey by CNCF showed that 83% of organizations deploy Kubernetes on at least one public cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a mature and robust infrastructure and multiple deployment options for Kubernetes. Read on […]

Evolution of Machine Learning and How It Will Affect the Future

Click to learn more about author Kateryna Boiko Machine learning (ML) has been more than a buzzword lately. All the top companies have adopted innovative technologies, with Google making artificial intelligence a priority, Uber incorporating machine learning with Uber Eats, and countless research labs opening all over the world.  How did machine learning become such a […]