Focus on Health, Security, Automation, and Doing the Right Thing

Cisco’s huge customer event Cisco Live was virtualized and moved to this week. This was the first virtual event I’ve done with a focus on networking and communication. CEO Chuck Robbins did the opening keynote, and he has stood out as one of the most passionate folks when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility and […]

MoveBot – New Data Transfer Platform

Branded post by Movebot As cloud computing and storage continue to provide enhanced ROI to organizations, businesses are storing their data on the cloud– instead of on-premise servers. Storage migration is an important consideration in this regard, allowing users to move volumes of data from one storage system to another or from one email server […]

A Report Blames ‘CIA Failures’ for the Agency’s Worst Hack

In early 2017, WikiLeaks began publishing details of top-secret CIA hacking tools that researchers soon confirmed were part of a large tranche of confidential documents stolen from one of the agency’s isolated, high-security networks. The leak—comprising as much as 34 terabytes of information and representing the CIA’s biggest data loss in history—was the result of […]

The UK is helping to solve a serious Google/Apple contact-tracing API issue

The UK is helping to solve a serious issue with Google and Apple’s contact-tracing API after failing to develop a centralised alternative. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, British health secretary Matt Hancock provided an update on the lack of a coronavirus contact-tracing app in the UK. Hancock claims that NHSX – the unit of […]

Facebook and Twitter Want to Keep the Justice System Skewed Against Defendants

In recent weeks, social media executives have jumped in to pledge their support for the protest movement that emerged in response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. In a June 1 Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote about the need to fight for racial justice and noted, “One of the areas Priscilla and […]

JS Show It! Interactive Choropleth World Map Using GeoChart Visualization

Click to learn more about co-author Rosaria Silipo. Click to learn more about co-author Paolo Tamagnini. The Plot Today we want to draw the choropleth map as shown above. So, what do we need? A map of the countries of the world and the corresponding numbers of their populations A short JavaScript code to load […]