7 Fantastic Big Data User Interfaces For Web Developers

Big data is playing an incredibly important role in the future of the web. Asim Rais Siddiqui of UX Matters recently discussed this in a very well-written blog post titled Big Data: Revolutionizing UX Design Strategies. Big data analytics is helping companies streamline the delivery of web services. They can use automated algorithms to match […]

What Is a Side Channel Attack?

Modern cybersecurity depends on machines keeping secrets. But computers, like poker-playing humans, have tells. They flit their eyes when they’ve got a good hand, or raise an eyebrow when they’re bluffing—or at least, the digital equivalent. And a hacker who learns to read those unintended signals can extract the secrets they contain, in what’s known […]

How to Switch to Signal and Bring All your Texts With You

Signal is your best choice for text messaging if security and privacy are your most important priorities. It’s growing in popularity and gaining more useful features over time, and it’s easier than ever to get your existing messages into Signal—and to move them between phones if you upgrade to a new one. The main appeal […]