Alumni in the coronavirus conversation

The virus “I am very wary of simplistic projections about the ongoing outbreak based solely off of its current growth patterns” —Maimuna Majumder, SM ’15, PhD ’18, faculty, Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program, and research associate, Harvard Medical School (ABC News, March 16)  “Closing schools, bars, and movie theaters are good measures, but not […]

The RetroBeat: Jak II is one of the wildest sequels ever

Last week, I talked about my experience with Jak & Daxter, Naughty Dog’s first game on the PlayStation 2 and its successor to Crash Bandicoot. I found a fun, charming collect-a-thon, even if it lacked the more interesting acrobatics of the 3D Mario games. Now, I want to examine Jak II, the 2003 sequel that […]

Maintaining Perfect Health in the World of New Technologies and Devices

In the era of technologies and digital screens, millions of products are marketed as “healthy.” But why is it that a growing number of people are challenged with chronic diseases and mental illnesses? Here is maintaining perfect health in the world of new technologies and devices. What apps are you more likely to click on? […]

Streaming web content with a log-based architecture with Amazon MSK

Content, such as breaking news or sports scores, requires updates in near-real-time. To stay up to date, you may be constantly refreshing your browser or mobile app. Building APIs to deliver this content at speed and scale can be challenging. In this post, I present an alternative to an API-based approach. I outline the concept […]

McAfee Vision for SASE: Making Cloud Adoption Fast, Easy and Secure

While cloud services deliver on promised savings and convenience, keeping everything secure remains a moving target for many organizations. That’s because the enterprise perimeter has not only expanded, it has pushed the service edge to anywhere business takes you—or employees choose to go. Consequently, many organizations must uplevel how they protect cloud-based apps, data and […]

Sightbit deploys AI on beaches to help lifeguards spot distressed swimmers

Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death, according to World Health Organization (WHO) data, with an estimated 320,000 fatalities each year globally. While lifeguards play a crucial role in helping safeguard beaches and pools, the human eye struggles to spot swimmers in distress in large crowds or at a distance — with or […]

AI Weekly: A deep learning pioneer’s teachable moment on AI bias

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard someone say Timnit Gebru is saving the world recently. Her co-lead of AI ethics at Google, Margaret Mitchell, said it a few days ago when Gebru led events around race at Google. Gebru’s work with Joy Buolamwini demonstrating race and gender bias in facial recognition […]

Value stream is not as easy as it seems

It is time to start rethinking your value streams.  Lance Knight, COO of ConnectALL, said the industry is making value stream management sound so much simpler than it really is, when in reality it requires teams to start thinking deeper and differently about how their work flows.  The problem is that organizations are looking at […]

Microsoft and Harvard collaborate on differential privacy

Microsoft and the OpenDP Initiative at Harvard have collaborated on a new platform that will offer differential privacy for large datasets. Differential privacy allows researchers to analyze datasets without having important data withheld, while also preserving the privacy of that data, according to Microsoft.  “Differential privacy, the heart of today’s landmark milestone, was invented at […]