How coronavirus and millennials killed the non-digital gym

The fitness industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Fitness, like just about every industry from transportation to leisure, has witnessed the emergence of digital as a force for change, and brick and mortar gyms are having a tough time keeping pace. Entire companies have been successfully launched to capitalize on the rise […]

After this COVID winter comes an AI spring

During boom times, companies focus on growth. In tough times, they seek to improve efficiency. History shows us that after every major economic downturn since the 1980s, businesses relied on digital technology and, specifically, innovations in software technology to return to full productivity with fewer repetitive jobs and less bloat. The years I’ve spent as […]

Magic: The Gathering’s digital history, from first build to end step

It was easy to get into Magic: The Gathering when I was 11 years old. The air was crisp, and the leaves were turning, as September 1994 rolled into October. The game was taking over my schoolyard thanks to Ms. Dierdre Lukyn, the coolest teacher at the school. Like any young soul who wants to […]

How to Get Safari’s New Privacy Features in Chrome and Firefox

Apple just unveiled a raft of changes coming with the new macOS Big Sur later this year. Along with the visual redesign, the introduction of Control Center, and upgrades to Messages, the built-in Safari browser is getting new-and-improved privacy features to keep your data locked away. You don’t have to wait for macOS Big Sur […]

Flipside Studio offers VR production tool for animation

Flipside Studio is a new virtual production tool that enables actors and directors to capture and create animated content entirely in VR. It’s leaving early access, after a testing period in which several notable companies and platforms used the technology. The software enables you to embody avatars and models within VR and set up virtual […]

Understanding Demand Driven Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

DDMRP, which is also known as Demand Driven Requirements Planning is an innovative method available to plan both inventories as well as materials. This can provide a large number of benefits to a company. That’s because a company that adhere to DDMRP will be able to offer products to the market and cater the specific […]