India bans TikTok—plus 58 other Chinese apps

On Monday, India banned TikTok and dozens of other apps made in China, escalating tension between the countries two weeks after a long-simmering border dispute in the Himalayas turned deadly. The news: In a statement, India said the apps “engaged in activities which [are] prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security […]

McAfee XDR: Taking Threat Detection and Response to a New Level

In the battle to protect digital data, the stakes have never been higher, and the outcome has never been more uncertain. Enterprises face ever-changing threats to their digital assets both inside and outside the traditional network perimeter from sophisticated threat actors, who use a changing assortment of techniques to find ways to skirt traditional security […]

Find Your Most Expensive Lines of Code – Amazon CodeGuru Is Now Generally Available

Bringing new applications into production, maintaining their code base as they grow and evolve, and at the same time respond to operational issues, is a challenging task. For this reason, you can find many ideas on how to structure your teams, on which methodologies to apply, and how to safely automate your software delivery pipeline. At […]

TypeScript 4.0 beta is here

Microsoft has announced the first beta release for TypeScript 4.0. The most recent version of the language, TypeScript 3.9, was released last month.  TypeScript 3.9 had introduced speed and user experience improvements. TypeScript 4.0 follows Microsoft’s pattern of trying to introduce new features that don’t introduce breaking changes for older versions.  The next version doesn’t […]

How a Black game studio founder is navigating the VC system in Poland

Venture capitalists often use a system known as accelerators to invest in very early business startups. The idea is to fund those companies in exchange for providing an environment where they can quickly grow. Game developer Epoch Media is in one of these programs: ReaktorX in Poland. On this week’s episode of How Games Make […]

How high refresh and frame rates will change phone screens and cameras

Though 2020 will be remembered for many things, one of the year’s noteworthy smartphone device trends — broad availability of “120Hz” screens — could slip under the mainstream radar, mostly because average consumers have no idea what Hz (“Hertz”) means. Displays targeted at gamers and creative professionals adopted 120Hz technology several years ago, sometimes referring […]

How Wind Mobility built a serverless data architecture

Guest post by Pablo Giner, Head of BI, Wind Mobility. Over the past few years, urban micro-mobility has become a trending topic. With the contamination indexes hitting historic highs, cities and companies worldwide have been introducing regulations and working on a wide spectrum of solutions to alleviate the situation. We at Wind Mobility strive to […]

Microsoft plans to reveal Xbox Lockhart model in August

Microsoft has two next-gen Xbox systems in the works. It has spent months detailing the powerful Xbox Series X, but it isn’t talking about the second system at all. But as more next-gen Xbox hardware and software gets out into the hands of developers, more evidence is building to support the existence of the second […]

Ubisoft CEO promises company-wide overhaul after sexual misconduct reports

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told employees in an internal letter sent on Friday that the company will overhaul how it handles employee complaints in the wake of sexual harassment reports. The letter, which GamesBeat obtained and Business Insider first reported about, is an indicator that game companies are responding to a wave of sexual harassment […]

Meaningful Context for Your Endpoint Threat Investigations

Threat intelligence (TI) — the art of distilling down everything that is happening globally in the adversarial threatscape and TI Programs – reducing  to what is necessary context for your company and your security team to know and take mitigation action against — is hard. Yet, many companies continue to try and create a threat intelligence capability from the ground up and find that their TI programs are not what they really want it to be. No wonder, then, […]