Dad horrified at £4,642 gaming app bill

Image copyright Steve Cumming A father who initially paid £4.99 for his 11-year-old daughter to use a smartphone app was shocked to discover a bill for thousands of pounds a month later. Steve Cumming, 72, said he let her make what he thought was a one-off payment on his debit card to a firm called […]

ProBeat: RIP YouTube TV, you’ll make a great case study

Unbundle cable TV, they said. It will be cheaper, they said. Google this week “updated” (its wording, not mine) the pricing of YouTube TV from $50 per month to $65 per month. The price increase for the over-the-top internet television service comes just over a year after the last increase from $40 per month. In the […]

9 deals you can save extra on for the 4th of July

As odd as 2020 has been, we’re more than halfway through and quickly approaching the Fourth of July if you can believe it. Many are still spending time around home, and VB Deals is bringing you great savings on 9 amazing products that are sure to make your holiday more enjoyable. And, you can save […]

Elon Musk is not ‘for or against’ decentralised platform Ethereum

Elon Musk says he’s not “for or against” decentralised platform Ethereum, following rumours of using it for a project. Musk was responding to a tweet from cryptocurrency proponent William Shatner, of Captain James T. Kirk fame from Star Trek. The tweet from Shatner was originally posted back in May, but Musk took time off from […]

Analyst View: What constraints disrupt the software supply chain?

Since COVID-19 took hold as a global pandemic, we have seen a lot of focus in the United States on improving our healthcare supply chain, by eliminating barriers to coordination among the many parties needed to source, build, transport and sell pharmaceuticals and equipment that medical professionals need. There’s no simple fix available here. Supplier […]

The DeanBeat: How the rest of 2020 looks for the game industry

The main reason for this column today is to wish you a happy Fourth of July and thank you for reading GamesBeat and VentureBeat. So thanks, and go blow things up in a safe and sane way (maybe inside video games). I like this holiday because it marks the middle of the year, and in […]

Genies creates an investment arm for companies using its digital avatars

Genies has built technology for creating expressive digital avatars for everyone from rockstars who want to give online concerts to influencers who can’t go to in-person meet-and-greets anymore. Now the company is launching Humans, an investment arm that will back projects using the company’s avatars. Genies will target companies that benefit directly from its avatars […]

Why Digital Transformation Has Become a Prerequisite for Success

Digital transformation is a prerequisite for most companies to maintain their competitive or leading position. Especially in these uncertain times, it has become apparent that digitization is indispensable for companies if they want to be and remain successful. The company must be agile and innovative and, moreover, always put the customer first (customer-centric). Digitization is […]

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: COVID notebooks

IBM wants to help developers and data scientists answer important COVID-19 questions. The company’s Center for Open-Source and AI Technologies (CODAIT) has announced COVID notebooks, a toolkit that enables users to make actionable plans based on the data.  “A near-constant flow of data from research studies, news outlets, social media, and health organizations make the […]

Tiding Over Potential Blockchain Performance Challenges

The incorruptible digital ledger, Blockchain is one of the most impactful technologies of this decade. Once started off as the technology behind the cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Blockchain is now powering-up enterprise data solutions in integration with modern technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Many industry verticals such as financial and legal services have established successful […]