Is Data-Driven App Development a Viable Business Model During the Pandemic?

Countless economists and technology evangelists have discussed the importance of big data in surviving the pandemic. We have previously written about the usage of big data in contact tracing and treating COVID-19 patients. However, there are some other important benefits of big data during this unprecedented crisis. Big data has also created new opportunities for […]

AI Weekly: Workplace surveillance tech promises safety, but not worker rights

All of the issues around the pandemic-driven rash of surveillance and tracking that emerged for society at large are coalescing in the workplace, where people may have little to no choice about whether to show up to work or what sort of surveillance to accept from their employer. Our inboxes have simmered with pitches about […]

Forbes Council’s Big Data Marketing Notes Ring True During COVID-19

Back in January, the Forbes Research Council published a great post on the role of big data in the marketing profession. Jon Simpson, author of the post and founder of Criterion.B, said big data has had a major impact on companies of all sizes. He said further changes would transpire in the future. The article […]

Hong Kong: Facebook, Google and Twitter among firms ‘pausing’ police help

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Some pro-democracy protesters have already been arrested under Hong Kong’s new security law Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google and Telegram have all said they are “pausing” co-operation with requests for user information from the Hong Kong police. Several countries have criticised China for imposing a new security law, which they say […]

U.S. Supreme Court bolsters law banning robocalls

(Reuters) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld and strengthened a law banning the broadly unpopular but ubiquitous telemarketing practice known as robocalls, striking down an exemption to the measure that had allowed automated calls for collection of certain money owed to the government. The court’s 7-2 ruling, written by conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh, […]

New – Create Amazon RDS DB Instances on AWS Outposts

Late last year I told you about AWS Outposts and invited you to Order Yours Today. As I told you at the time, this is a comprehensive, single-vendor compute and storage offering that is designed to meet the needs of customers who need local processing and very low latency in their data centers and on […]

Fraunhofer’s VVC promises to reduce video file sizes by 50% to improve mobile network efficiency

Having engineered the popular music encoding format MPEG-3 before developing the widely-used video formats H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC), Germany’s Fraunhofer is one of the world’s most important digital media compression pioneers — directly responsible for shrinking popular media from discs into files that fit on smartphones. Today, Fraunhofer is announcing a new video compression standard […]

Researchers identify dozens of words that accidentally trigger Amazon Echo speakers

As voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa increasingly make their way into internet of things devices, it’s becoming harder to track when audio recordings are sent to the cloud and who might gain access to them. To spot transgressions, researchers at the University of Darmstadt, North Carolina State University, and the University of Paris […]

The state of the Jamstack in 2020

Five years after the term has been coined, the Jamstack is starting to see rapid expansion, growth and maturity, according to a recent survey. The State of the Jamstack in 2020 survey revealed 44% of developers have been using it for a year, with 37% using it for 1-2 years. Eleven percent of the respondents […]