Criminal charges reveal the identity of the “invisible god” hacker

A notorious hacker who made an estimated $1.5 million by stealing information from more than 300 companies and governments in 44 countries has been identified as a 37-year-old man from Kazakhstan.  Known as Fxmsp, the hacker became famous in 2019 when he advertised access and source code for leading cybersecurity companies, amid claims that he […]

Founders need stewards, not masters

“I’m just going to drive off this bridge. My wife can get the policy. My wife and daughter will be okay …” In the world of venture capital and startups, there’s always an ongoing dialogue of value and power, perceived and real. Because founders and VCs spend all of their time in a human-behavioral cluster […]

Fastify 3.0 released with new type definitions and improved TypeScript support

The release of Fastify 3.0 – a Node.js web framework – includes brand new type definitions, new full support of Express middleware, and the refactored request validation.  This is the framework’s final release of the third major version. The latest release includes some noticeable breaking changes  such as middleware support does not come out-of-the-box with […]

We’re Named 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise DLP

The McAfee team is very proud to announce today that, for the second time in a row1, McAfee was named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention for its McAfee Data Loss Prevention Solution. We see the recognition as an historic landmark for McAfee because it represents a trifecta of Gartner distinction this […]

Software You Need to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

In today’s world, efficiency is king. Every business is looking for a way to streamline their activities and accomplish their tasks quickly and without any hassle. But with so much on your plate, this sometimes feels like an impossible feat. Fortunately, software development companies like BairesDev have created a plethora of solutions and tools for […]

Tech Innovations Disrupting the Education World

Educating the future leaders and innovators is one of society’s most important tasks. It’s also an immensely challenging one, given the wide array of methods of learning and personalities, teacher shortages, lack of resources, and more. As the learning landscape changes, the education community is searching for new ways of reaching students. EdTech, technology dedicated […]

3 Ways Technology Is Radically Transforming Military Operations in 2020

In 2019, the United States Department of Defense proposed a $718 billion budget for 2020. This budget would set aside $927 million for AI and machine learning. It’s clear that the military, like so many other sectors and industries, is prioritizing technology when it comes to improving their practices and procedures — and software development […]

Guest View: 5 reasons to be excited about Istio’s future

Lin wrote this article in May 2020 in refection of Istio’s third anniversary. On May 24, 2017, IBM and Google announced the launch of Istio, an open technology that enables developers to seamlessly connect, manage, and secure networks of different microservices—regardless of platform, source, or vendor. I’ve been working on Istio since its 0.1 release […]

Get faster, more reliable web hosting with StartHost

In this time of reduced personal interactions, building your online presence has never been more important. Have you been looking for a reliable, functional, and easy-to-use website hosting platform for your personal or company website? StartHost is here to help. StartHost by Internnic offers superior and affordable SSD cloud-based web hosting which provides better traffic […]

Researchers detail texture-swapping AI that could be used to create deepfakes

In a preprint paper published on, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Adobe Research describe the Swapping Autoencoder, a machine learning model designed specifically for image manipulation. They claim it can modify any image in a variety ways, including texture swapping, while remaining “substantially” more efficient compared with previous generative models. The […]