Get your AI projects done, with 1:1 meetings at Transform

Enterprise technology events have now pivoted 100% to digital, and as much as we’ve embraced this new normal, virtual event attendees continue to lament the lack of networking and one-to-one interactions that drew them to events in the first place. But there is a way to bring back that back, even in a digital environment. […]

The Pentagon’s AI director talks killer robots, facial recognition, and China

Joint AI Center (JAIC) acting director Nand Mulchandani said one of its first lethal AI projects is proceeding into a testing phase now. The Joint AI Center was founded in 2018 to act as the Pentagon’s leader in all things AI, and initially focused on non-lethal forms of AI. Mulchandani shared few specifics, but called […]

Why accessible experiments matter – SD Times

For software development teams, moving fast is key. But so is the confidence that you’re building the right thing in the first place. To reduce uncertainty, product and engineering teams are running more experiments across websites, apps, and every level of the stack to gain valuable data and real user feedback, enabling them to deliver […]

How carbon-sucking machines could cut aviation emissions

Two companies have teamed up on a project that could provide a key test of our ability to use synthetic fuel, made from carbon dioxide captured from the air, to cut emissions from aviation. Carbon Engineering, a direct air capture company based in British Columbia, has signed a deal with Aerion, a startup based in […]

Business and DevOps value streams need better alignment’s 2020 State of Agile report revealed that over half of its survey respondents either had implemented or were planning to implement value stream management (VSM). But despite its popularity, in many organizations it has fallen into the same trap as many new development methodologies — it’s not being implemented 100% correctly. Often, VSM is […]

Google launches Android 11 Beta 2 with final APIs and behaviors

Google today launched Android 11 Beta 2, or the sixth preview of its next mobile OS version. Beta 2 marks Android 11’s Platform Stability milestone, which means that the APIs and behaviors have been finalized. As a result, developers can make final compatibility updates and focus solely on testing their apps and games. Android 11 […]

The Sims will get its own reality TV show on TBS

Electronic Arts said The Sims will get its own reality TV show, dubbed The Sims Spark’d, on the TBS television channel in a partnership with Turner Sports, Eleague, and Buzzfeed Multiplayer. The show about EA’s life simulation video game will debut on TBS at 8 p.m. Pacific on on Friday, July 17, and new episodes […]