What the Xbox One X discontinuation means for the next generation of Xbox

Find all the Transform 2020 sessions on-demand.  Microsoft is beginning to phase out its current generation of hardware. The company is ending production for Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. This comes as it prepares to launch the next-generation Xbox Series X this holiday. Microsoft confirmed the discontinuation in a comment it sent to […]

Alexa and Google Assistant execs on future trends for AI assistants

Find all the Transform 2020 sessions on-demand.  Businesses and developers making conversational AI experiences should start with the understanding that you’re going to have to use unsupervised learning to scale, said Prem Natarajan, Amazon head of product and VP of Alexa AI and NLP. He spoke with Barak Turovsky, Google AI director of product for the NLU […]

Waldo opens up its codeless testing solution

Waldo is now open for sign ups. Waldo is a no-coding testing platform that was designed to help mobile teams build better apps and shit faster with fewer bugs. According to the company, by signing up, users will be able to record tests in their browser, have tests run automatically  against new app versions, and […]

How valuable is your AI trust currency?

Presented by Modzy AI is proving its ability to find patterns hidden within troves of data, accelerate decisions and predictions based in fact, and save us time, energy, and money. Yet, even with recent advancements and investments, organizations with AI in production are still the exception rather than the rule. In a world hampered by […]

Apache APISIX becomes ASF top-level project

Apache APISIX, the cloud-native API gateway used to handle interface traffic for web, mobile, and IoT applications, just reached Top-Level Project status at the Apache Software Foundation. Apache APISIX is based on Nginx and etcd.  “Thanks to the help of our mentors, contributors and the Apache Incubator, Apache APISIX has now graduated as a Top-Level […]

Amazon: AI can’t solve every conversational problem

Find all the Transform 2020 sessions on-demand.  AI isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to conversational experiences like Amazon’s Alexa. In fact, manual solutions to problems are sometimes superior to automated, AI-driven fixes. That’s according to Amazon Alexa AI director of research science Janet Slifka, who spoke during a session today at VentureBeat’s Transform 2020 conference. “If […]

The Twitter Hack Could Have Been Much Worse—and Maybe Was

Twitter declined to comment on the security associated with Trump’s account, and said that it was “looking into what other malicious activity [the hackers] may have conducted or information they may have accessed.” A company spokesperson declined to specify whether that information potentially includes direct messages. “It could have been a far worse incident,” says […]

How Google addresses ML fairness and eliminates bias in conversational AI algorithms

Last Chance: Register for Transform, VB’s AI event of the year, hosted online July 15-17. When it comes to algorithmic bias, one of the products that best illustrates the challenges Google faces is its popular Translate service. How the company teaches Translate to recognize gender serves as an example of just how complex such a […]

The online battle for the mental health of service workers

Morgan Eckroth became famous on TikTok as morgandrinkscoffee. A 21-year-old barista and social-media manager for Tried & True Coffee in Corvallis, Oregon, she shares latte art, dramatic reenactments of customer interactions, and drink tutorials with her 4 million followers. Before the pandemic her content was pretty wholesome—she likes her job! But then in May, someone […]

Google's DeepMind: All That We Need to Know

The subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have multiplied and carry out various tasks that only humans could do. Technologies like Machine Learning carry out administrative tasks, recognize faces, play chess, and even translate languages. Undoubtedly, the arrival of the AI decade has brought many beneficial developments. Furthermore, Deep Learning learns from unstructured data to compile […]