How to deploy RPA responsibly in the COVID-19 era

The automation market, particularly the subsection of robotic process automation (RPA) designed to reduce the burden of repetitive and simple tasks, has recently been picking up considerable speed. Companies, such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere are drawing mass amounts of venture capital funding and have grabbed the attention of tech giants looking to expand their stacks — […]

Work-at-home AI surveillance is a move in the wrong direction

While we have all been focused on facial recognition as the poster child for AI ethics, another concerning form of AI has quietly emerged and rapidly advanced during COVID-19: AI-enabled employee surveillance at home. Though we are justifiably worried about being watched while out in public, we are now increasingly being observed in our homes. […]

Russia’s UK ambassador rejects coronavirus vaccine hacking allegations

Image caption Andrei Kelin has been Russian ambassador since November last year Russia’s ambassador to the UK has rejected allegations that his country’s intelligence services tried to steal coronavirus vaccine research. “I don’t believe in this story at all, there is no sense in it,” Andrei Kelin told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. On Thursday, […]

Glu reloads its war chest for mobile game acquisitions

Glu Mobile has grown into a big mobile gaming publisher through both acquisitions and home-grown titles. But as the world changes around the company, Glu is changing with the times. Back in June, the San Francisco-based company raised $151.8 million in a secondary public offering. That gave it a war chest to pursue new acquisitions. […]

The underappreciated scale-up entrepreneur | VentureBeat

I am a venture capitalist, which means I invest in companies that I think have promise. But my whole philosophy of investing changed when one of the entrepreneurs with whom I worked received an acquisition offer he hadn’t sought. The founder was elated. I was dismissive. I remember saying that the amount wasn’t nearly big […]

AI needs systemic solutions to systemic bias, injustice, and inequality

Watch all the Transform 2020 sessions on-demand right here. At the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion breakfast at VentureBeat’s AI-focused Transform 2020 event, a panel of AI practitioners, leaders, and academics discussed the changes that need to happen in the industry to make AI safer, more equitable, and more representative of the people to whom AI […]

Who Pulled Off the Twitter Hack?

On Wednesday, an unprecedented Twitter hack saw the accounts of Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Apple, Uber, and more fall into the hands of attackers who used that access to… push a bitcoin scam? It was a very bad, no good day, but if anything Twitter is lucky wasn’t much, […]

The Addenbrooke’s Hospital app giving patients who cannot talk a voice

A patient who has struggled to talk to hospital staff after a procedure says the ability to communicate via an app has been a “godsend”. Carole Guilliano has been using the program, developed by a Cambridge hospital, to explain where she feels pain and what help she requires. MyICU Voice has been trialled at the […]

Can this high-intensity interval bike boost your workout?

Exercise bikes have long been a favourite piece of equipment for exercising but now they are becoming hi-tech. BBC Click’s Lara Lewington put the artificial intelligence bike, CAR.O.L to the test. The bike makes use of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), based around the concept that two 20-second sprints within an eight-minute gentle cycle are just […]

Schell Games’ HistoryMaker VR is coming just in time for pandemic distance learning

Schell Games is releasing HistoryMaker VR on Steam just in time for the new school year that will let players embody a range of historical figures. With HistoryMaker VR, students can import scripts and record videos as historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Tecumseh, George Washington Carver, and Abigail Adams. HistoryMaker VR should […]