Researchers’ AI system strips identifiable attributes like gender from speech recordings

In a study accepted to the 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning last week, researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology and the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden propose a privacy-preserving technique that learns to obfuscate attributes like gender in speech data. They use a model that’s trainedto filter sensitive information in recordings and then […]

Enable fine-grained data access in Zeppelin Notebook with AWS Lake Formation

This post explores how you can use AWS Lake Formation integration with Amazon EMR (still in beta) to implement fine-grained column-level access controls while using Spark in a Zeppelin Notebook. My previous post Extract data using AWS Glue and analyzing with Amazon Athena showed you a simple use case for extracting any Salesforce object […]

UK music fans snap up 65,000 cassettes in 2020

Image copyright Getty Images Nearly 65,000 music cassettes were sold in the UK in the first six months of 2020, according to the Official Charts Company. The firm says this is double the cassette sales figure recorded during the same period in 2019 – and more than the entire year’s sales from 2018. Lady Gaga […]

Best Open Source Data Science Projects to Try at Home

If you are trying to discover a perfect career path in IT or simply experimenting with new tools from the comfort of your home, open source data projects could be a very interesting solution for you. It’s a relatively new field of expertise that attracts thousands of talented programmers thanks to its massive application potential.Learning […]

GitHub preserves open source code in the Arctic (just in case…)

GitHub has completed its mission to preserve all of the repository’s open source code in the Arctic. The code-hosting platform first announced the initiative last year as part of its Archive Program. The whole coronavirus thing set GitHub’s plans back a bit, but the company has now confirmed that the code was successfully deposited on […]

Researchers show FingerTrak, a hand tracking wristband for AR/VR input

As virtual and augmented reality steadily advance in both visual fidelity and headset comfort, researchers continue to work on input solutions that will feel more natural than holding controllers. Today, a group of researchers announced FingerTrak, a wristband-based solution that uses thermal cameras to track hand movements in 3D, abstracting 20 finger joint positions from […]

Sea of Thieves surpasses 15 million players since March 2018

Like a siren’s song, Sea of Thieves is continuing to draw in an audience. Developer Rare’s pirate-adventure simulator has had more than 15 million players since its debut in March 2018. But the game isn’t trickling over that milestone. Instead, it’s coming off its best month ever. In June, Sea of Thieves had more than […]

Nordic enterprises moving to multi-cloud strategies, says ISG report

Enterprises in the Nordic region are increasingly turning to multi-cloud strategies and seeking help from cloud and data centre providers to achieve their business goals, according to a new report. The study, from Information Services Group (ISG), looks more towards managed service providers (MSPs), hyperconverged and colocation service providers rather than the likelier public cloud […]

DeepMind’s AI automatically generates reinforcement learning algorithms

In a study published on the preprint server, DeepMind researchers describe a reinforcement learning algorithm-generating technique that discovers what to predict and how to learn it by interacting with environments. They claim the generated algorithms perform well on a range of challenging Atari video games, achieving “non-trivial” performance indicative of the technique’s generalizability. Reinforcement […]

Strong Password Ideas to Keep Your Information Safe

Strong Password Ideas to Keep Your Information Safe Password protection is one of the most common security protocols available. By creating a unique password, you are both proving your identity and keeping your personal information safer. However, when every account you have requires a separate password, it can be an overwhelming task. While you should […]