UK and US say Russia fired a satellite weapon in space

Image copyright Getty Images The US and UK have accused Russia of testing a weapon-like projectile in space that could be used to target satellites in orbit. The US State Department described the recent use of “what would appear to be actual in-orbit anti-satellite weaponry” as concerning. Russia’s defence ministry earlier said it was using […]

Xbox Games Showcase: Microsoft comes out in force

Microsoft showed off an amazing array of games at its Xbox Games Showcase today to prepare fans for the holiday launch of the Xbox Series X game console. The company didn’t disclose the launch date or price of the new hardware, as it focused on just the games today. Microsoft forewarned us not to expect […]

Facebook researchers develop Transcoder for migrating legacy codebases

Facebook has developed a new neural transcompiler system, Transcoder, to make it easier to migrate codebases to other languages.  Transcoder uses self-supervised training, which Facebook explained is important for translating between programming languages. According to the company, traditional supervised-learning approaches are dependent on large-scale parallel data sets for the languages, but these don’t exist for […]

Apple launches Security Research Device Program

Apple launched the Security Research Device (SRD) Program this week to help improve security for iOS users and to bring more researchers to the iPhone.  It features an iPhone dedicated exclusively to security research, with unique code execution and containment policies. According to Apple, it is not meant for personal use or daily carry, and […]

Researchers’ AI system infers music from silent videos of musicians

In a study accepted to the upcoming 2020 European Conference on Computer Vision, MIT and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab researchers describe an AI system — Foley Music — that can generate “plausible” music from silent videos of musicians playing instruments. They say it works on a variety of music performances and outperforms “several” existing systems […]

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X trailer divides fans

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWATCH: First look at Halo Infinite Microsoft has given gamers a first look at Halo Infinite’s gameplay. The firm said that the game’s map was more than twice the size of that in the sci-fi franchise’s last two entries combined. It also promised “more complex visual effects” […]

Women in Sales Part 1: Opportunities for Women Across Cybersecurity Sales

Collaborative, inclusive teams are what redefine cybersecurity solutions for every aspect of our connected world. At McAfee, women are making a significant impact in cybersecurity, including all aspects of sales.   Executive vice president of global sales and marketing, Lynne Doherty, shares her perspective on the importance of inclusion and leads us into the start of our Women in Sales series: “Fostering inclusion […]

Lockdown was the longest period of quiet in recorded human history

When lockdown started in March, the world went instantly, strangely silent. City streets emptied. Joggers and families disappeared from parks. Construction projects froze. Stores closed.  Now a network of seismic monitoring stations around the world has quantified this unprecedented period of quiet. The resulting research into “seismic silence,” published in Science today, has shown just […]

Halo Infinite: Studio hopes to ‘get it right’ for Xbox Series X

Microsoft has given gamers a first look at the gameplay of Halo Infinite, the next instalment of the hit series, which will be released for the Xbox Series X. Bonnie Ross, head of developer 343 Industries, told BBC Click’s Marc Cieslak what she thought the previous games had done well, and not so well. She […]