Blackbaud Hack: Aberystwyth university’s data attacked in global hack

Image copyright Aberystwyth University Image caption Aberystwyth’s Old College on the seafront was built in the 1860s A Welsh university has confirmed it was one of more than 20 institutions in the UK, US and Canada that has been affected after hackers attacked a cloud computing provider. Aberystwyth University has reassured current students and alumni […]

AI Weekly: The promise and shortcomings of OpenAI’s GPT-3

I typically think of the dog days of summer as a time when news slows down. It’s typically when a lot of people take time off work, and the lull leads local news stations to cover inconsequential things like cat shows or a little baby squirrel on a little baby Jet Ski. But these are […]

An AI hiring firm promising to be bias-free wants to predict job-hopping

The firm in question is Australia-based PredictiveHire, founded in October 2013. It offers a chatbot that asks candidates a series of open-ended questions. It then analyzes their responses to assess personality and job traits, like “drive,” “initiative,” and “resilience.” According to the firm’s CEO Barbara Hyman, its clients are employers that must manage high volumes […]

ProBeat: Adobe’s universal camera app captures the Android-iOS duopoly

Former Google researcher and Stanford professor emeritus Marc Levoy joined Adobe this week. We don’t tend to cover the career trajectories of most executives, but this hire is more interesting than simply Levoy’s title change from “distinguished engineer” at Google to “vice president and fellow” at Adobe. That’s because Levoy is credited with using AI […]

Researchers find evidence of bias in facial expression data sets

Researchers claim the data sets often used to train AI systems to detect expressions like happiness, anger, and surprise are biased against certain demographic groups. In a preprint study published on, coauthors affiliated with the University of Cambridge and Middle East Technical University find evidence of skew in two open source corpora: Real-world Affective […]

Virtually Impossible to Miss McAfee at Black Hat 2020

Black Hat 2020 is going virtual this year, providing attendees with the latest security research, development, and trends. Every year McAfee presents our latest security research and this year promises to be innovative and informative! You can expect insightful new findings from the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team. Also join us at the virtual booth […]

Microsoft decides games can be exclusive to Xbox Series X

Microsoft has decided that developers can make games just for the Xbox Series X, including those from first-party studios. One of Microsoft’s most debated policies for the upcoming generation is that games must also run on the PC and older Xbox One consoles. In recent weeks, that policy appeared to have softened so that third-party […]

Garmin smartwatch users cannot get hands on data

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Garmin users cannot currently record data from their smartwatches Garmin, which makes GPS-enabled fitness trackers and navigational software, is suffering what it has described as an “outage”. According to ZDNet, employees have claimed on social media that the firm is the victim of a ransomware attack, but this has not […]

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: React Spectrum

This week Adobe introduced a new open-source project designed to help developers build great user experiences. React Spectrum is a collection of libraries and tools that focus on adaptive, accessible and robust user experiences.  The project currently includes three libraries: React Spectrum, which is an implementation of Adobe’s design system React Aria, a library of […]