The nimble enterprise: How to balance innovation and execution

Innovation is top of mind for many large organizations. However, most “innovation recipes” are created for smaller companies. Others completely ignore the reality of driving business results. Striking a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring quarterly business results is so challenging that companies often spin out a company division to pursue innovation, untethered from the […]

AI Helped Uncover Chinese Boats Hiding in North Korean Waters

Huge fleets of Chinese fishing boats have been caught stealthily operating in North Korean waters—while having their tracking systems turned off. The potentially illegal fishing operation was revealed through a combination of artificial intelligence, radar and satellite data. WIRED UK This story originally appeared on WIRED UK. A study published today in the journal Science […]

Why all great games need a product vision

Game studios all too often find themselves stuck in the same situation: Production should be underway, but the dev team is still somewhere in discovery mode. Rather than execution and content-build being in full flow, time is being spent debating over fundamental questions that should have been answered at the start. What is the game […]

Russia Tested a Space Weapon Last Week

This week, WIRED broke the news of a Russian military intelligence hacking campaign that dates all the way back to December 2018. The targets included government organizations and energy utilities, as Russia’s Fancy Bear hackers used a variety of techniques to break into targeted email accounts. While the intrusions don’t appear to be election-related, they’re […]

3D hand tracking wristband and other technology news

BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at the best of the week’s technology stories including: Twitter announces plans to suspend and ban accounts linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory Music streaming service Spotify launches video podcasts A wrist-mounted device that continuously tracks the wearer’s hand in 3D, including 20 finger joint positions, has been developed by […]

Amazon, Google and Wish remove neo-Nazi products

Amazon, Google and Wish have removed neo-Nazi and white-supremacist products being sold on their platforms following an investigation by BBC Click. White-supremacist flags, neo-Nazi books and Ku Klux Klan merchandise were all available for sale. Algorithms on Amazon and Wish also recommended other white-supremacist items. All three companies told the BBC that racist products were […]

Get your online business up and running with 7 great deals

As so many in-person businesses remain closed or operating at limited capacity, online business and brand growth have never been more important. Whether you already own a business or are a budding entrepreneur, VB Deals has great savings on 7 products that will help your company stand out from the rest. Zuitte is the only […]