Amazon launches Fraud Detector in general availability

Amazon today announced the public launch of Fraud Detector, a fully managed service powered by machine learning that identifies potentially fraudulent activities like online payment and identity theft. First unveiled during Amazon’s re:Invent 2019 conference last December, it’s now generally available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers in select regions. Every year, online fraud costs […]

Python holds its ground as Java slides in Redmonk’s language rankings

Programming language Python has had a good week, but the same can’t be said for Java. In language rankings this month released by IEEE, Python ranked number one with a comfortable lead ahead of Java. It’s similar news in Redmonk’s rankings this week. Redmonk’s biannual rankings measures GitHub pull requests and Stack Overflow queries over […]

Amazon Fraud Detector is now Generally Available

What was announced? Amazon Fraud Detector is now Generally Available! 🥳 In case you missed the announcement during 2019 re:Invent week, Amazon Fraud Detector was originally released in preview mode on December 3rd, 2019. But today it is now Generally Available for customers to check out. What is Amazon Fraud Detector? Amazon Fraud Detector is […]

The owner of WeChat thinks deepfakes could actually be good

The news: In a new white paper about its plans for AI, translated by China scholars Jeffrey Ding and Caroline Meinhardt, Tencent, the owner of WeChat and one of China’s three largest tech giants, emphasizes that deepfake technology is “not just about ‘faking’ and ‘deceiving,’ but a highly creative and groundbreaking technology.” It urges regulators […]

Should You Work as an Outsourced Employee?

Outsourcing is the shifting of non-core business functions from in-house to an outside third-party company or contractor. Given how widespread it’s becoming, you may find yourself wondering if a career as an outsourced employee could be right for you. When it was initially introduced, the practice of outsourcing focused on lower-level functions like data entry […]

Cuphead launches on PS4 | VentureBeat

Cuphead has had a surprise release for PlayStation 4. You can play the run-‘n’-gun action-sidescroller on that platform right now. Developer Studio MDHR made the announcement today during an interview with Geoff Keighley as a part of his Summer Game Fest series (part of what we’re calling “Not E3” as folks come up with replacement […]

The Top Metrics That Make a Difference for Software Development Teams

A software development project is sometimes a difficult thing to track in terms of meeting specific quantifiable goals. While business and project owners would undoubtedly say that they want to reach these goals, they fail to implement the necessary metrics into the software development process. Instead, the development process runs its course and the project […]

Apache Arrow 1.0.0 now available

The Apache Arrow team has announced the release of Apache Arrow 1.0.0. Apache Arrow is a development platform for in-memory analytics.  Version 1.0.0 is the 18th release of the platform. It features 810 resolved issues from 100 contributors.  According to the team, this release marks a transition to binary stability of the columnar format and […]

SD Times news digest: Git 2.28.0, Kotlin 1.4.0-RC, and’s VSM partner program

The latest update of Git is now available.The update brings a new ‘init.defaultBranch’ feature as well as changed-path Bloom filters, which are a huge boon for performance in lots of Git commands, according to the team.  Starting in Git 2.28, ‘git init’ will instead look at the value of ‘init.defaultBranch’ when creating the first branch […]

Density raises $51 million to promote social distancing with AI occupancy-tracking sensors

Density, a startup building AI-powered, people-counting infrared sensors, today closed a $51 million financing round. The infusion brings the San Francisco-based startup’s total raised to over $74 million following $23 million in previous funding, and cofounder and CEO Andrew Farah says it’ll be put toward addressing “unprecedented demand” from offices, manufacturers, grocery stores, industrial plants, […]