Twitter hack: Bognor Regis man one of three charged

Image caption Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama are among victims of the hack A man living in Bognor Regis – on the UK south coast – is one of three individuals charged over a major Twitter hack, according to the US Department of Justice. Californian authorities filed felony charges against Mason Sheppard, 19. […]

Immuta Demo: Unlocking Sensitive Data with Automated Data Governance

Homepage > Education Resources For Use & Management of Data > Webinars > Immuta Demo: Unlocking Sensitive Data with Automated Data Governance Download slides: In the personal data era, data engineers are under immense pressure to enforce the legal and ethical use of data. Upstream, compliance teams demand that data engineers are well versed […]

MIT CSAIL’s system defers can defer to experts when making predictions

A new study from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) proposes a machine learning system that can examine X-rays to diagnose conditions including lung collapse and an enlarged heart. That’s not especially novel — computer vision in health care is a well-established field — but CSAIL’s system can novelly defer to experts depending […]

CData emerges as a data connectivity platform — without the platform

With the explosion of data from today’s increasingly complex systems, the issue of data connectivity becomes more important than ever. CData, which has grown as a provider of drivers for data connectivity, is positioned for growth as a data connectivity platform — just without the platform. Instead, CData is focused on bringing data connectivity capabilities […]

Researchers examine the ethical implications of AI in surgical settings

A new whitepaper coauthored by researchers at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence examines the ethics of AI in surgery, making the case that surgery and AI carry similar expectations but diverge with respect to ethical understanding. Surgeons are faced with moral and ethical dilemmas as a matter of course, the paper points out, whereas […]

New – Using Amazon GuardDuty to Protect Your S3 Buckets

As we anticipated in this post, the anomaly and threat detection for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) activities that was previously available in Amazon Macie has now been enhanced and reduced in cost by over 80% as part of Amazon GuardDuty. This expands GuardDuty threat detection coverage beyond workloads and AWS accounts to also help you protect your […]

Apple overtakes Saudi Aramco as world’s most valuable public company

(Reuters) — Apple’s stock hit a record high on Friday after reporting blockbuster quarterly results, helping the iPhone maker briefly overtake Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable publicly listed company. Apple’s stock surged to as high as $412.22 a share, putting its market capitalization at $1.762 trillion, according to the share count provided by […]

ProBeat: Slowing AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud revenue growth is a good thing

COVID-19 means work, learning, and life in general are increasingly happening online. Shouldn’t that mean more cloud usage and thus more cloud revenue? Yes, and it does. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to more cloud revenue growth for the three tech giants. Microsoft reported its fiscal Q4 2020 earnings last week, while Amazon and Alphabet […]