Surviving the new normal: What to do when a customer asks to see your startup’s financials

It was 2008 Redwood City, and my startup Makara was riding the early cloud wave born of virtualization, trying to create what is now known as “containerized applications.” Early adopters for this technology were the typical early adopters: financial companies, technology companies, and the occasional retail company reinventing itself. If your startup is doing it […]

For World of Darkness, the future of tabletop RPGs is increasingly digital

The early-’90s, in all of its grunge-soaked glory, saw vampires and werewolves roam the night while humanity became part of a herd to be culled and controlled. A World of Darkness had been born in shadow and masquerade. With the birth of the first editions of Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse tabletop role-playing […]

TikTok: Microsoft pauses talks on buying US arm – reports

A possible sale of Chinese-owned TikTok’s US operations to Microsoft is reportedly on hold after Donald Trump vowed to ban the video-sharing app. A sale was thought close to agreement, but was put in doubt after the US president’s warning on Friday. The Wall Street Journal said Microsoft had now paused talks despite TikTok owner […]

Incognito Mode May Not Work the Way You Think It Does

No matter which browser you prefer—Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, or any of the others—it will almost certainly offer an incognito or private mode, one which ostensibly keeps your web browsing secret. (Google Chrome still shows a hat-and-glasses icon when you go incognito, as if you’re now in disguise.) Incognito or private mode does indeed […]