Dutch Hackers Found a Simple Way to Mess With Traffic Lights

In movies like Die Hard 4 and The Italian Job, hijacking traffic lights over the internet looks easy. But real-world traffic-light hacking, demonstrated by security researchers in years past, has proven tougher, requiring someone to be within radio range of every target light. Now a pair of Dutch researchers has shown how hackers really can […]

Voting Machine Makers Are Finally Playing Nice With Hackers

For well over a decade, the relationship between voting machine companies and security researchers has been fraught. The manufacturers have long resisted allowing unfettered access for bug hunters, even as major, long-standing vulnerabilities plagued voting machine models used throughout the 2000s and 2010s. A new collaboration, though, shows that the cold war has meaningfully started […]

Zynga is acquiring hypercasual mobile game firm Rollic for at least $168 million

Zynga has agreed to buy Istanbul-based Rollic, a fast-growing hypercasual mobile game company, as part of its latest effort to expand through acquisition. The San Francisco-based Zynga will pay $168 million for 80% of Rollic, whose games have more than 250 million downloads. Hypercasual games can be played in a minute and are monetized through […]

Zynga beats Q2 2020 expectations with bookings up 38% to $518 million

Zynga reported revenue and bookings today that beat expectations for its second quarter ended June 30, as more people turned to social mobile games because of the pandemic. The San Francisco-based social gaming company reported bookings of $518 million, up 38% from the same quarter a year ago, while revenues (which do not include deferred […]

Harness acquires continuous integration company Drone.io

Continuous delivery as a service provider Harness announced that it acquired Drone.io, the creator of the open-source project Drone. Drone is a continuous delivery system build on container technology. With this new acquisition, Harness hopes to enable DevOps engineers to build, test and deploy software on-demand, without delay or downtime. Drone.io plugins are containerized and […]

Researchers say we need better benchmarks to build more useful AI assistants

The promise of conversational AI is that, unlike virtually any other form of technology, all you have to do is talk. Natural language is the most natural and democratic form of communication. After all, humans are born capable of learning how to speak, but some never learn to read or use a graphical user interface. […]

How to cast a wider net for tracking space junk

Laser ranging only gives you a location window that’s up to several thousand kilometers in distance. For better predictions, debris trackers can also measure the reflection of sunlight off these objects, which can be used to narrow those windows to just a few meters. But these sunlight reflections can only be observed around dawn or […]

Trump’s TikTok Drama Is a Distraction

Millions of young Americans were sent into a panic last weekend after President Donald Trump told reporters that he was “banning” TikTok from the United States. White House officials had already been discussing action against the social media platform and other Chinese-owned apps over concerns they pose a risk to national security. But as is […]

Blackout Blitz creator Big Run Studios raises $5.25 million for casual mobile games

Big Run Studios has raised $5.25 million in seed round funding led by game investment firm Transcend Fund. Game and tech investor Galaxy Interactive, via its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, also participated in the round. The Oakland, California-based studio develops casual mobile games that feature diverse characters. Big Run Studios’ hit, Blackout Blitz, is the […]

Limelight Networks Developer Central provides easy access to collaboration tools

Limelight Networks has introduced Developer Central, a resource center designed to provide developers with an array of tools to easily manage, monitor, and integrate Limelight services.  It offers a new interactive API explorer, SDKs, sample code, OpenAPI documentation and a community forum to help users get answers fast.  “This one-stop resource center puts Limelight’s innovation […]