Sony shows off gameplay for Giant Squid’s The Pathless

Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid showed off gameplay for The Pathless, a new adventure game from the makers of Abzû. Creative director Matt Nava walked through a long demo of this beautiful game, which debuts later this year on the PlayStation 5, Apple Arcade, and the PC via the Epic Game Store. Sony showed the […]

Chinese Hackers Have Pillaged Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

Taiwan has faced existential conflict with China for its entire existence and has been targeted by China’s state-sponsored hackers for years. But an investigation by one Taiwanese security firm has revealed just how deeply a single group of Chinese hackers was able to penetrate an industry at the core of the Taiwanese economy, pillaging practically […]

Researchers discover evidence of gender bias in major computer vision APIs

The facial recognition APIs offered by Google, Microsoft, and IBM exhibit gender bias when tested on self-portraits of people wearing partial face masks. That’s according to data scientists at marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompson, who found that popular computer vision services like Cloud Vision API and Azure Cognitive Services Computer Vision more often misidentify the […]

Temtem will bring its Pokémon-inspired MMO to PlayStation 5

Humble Games and Crema announced during Sony’s State of Play event today that Temtem will come to PlayStation 5 in 2021. Temtem is an online multiplayer game that takes its cues from Pokémon. You collect monsters capable of evolving into new forms and use them in battles. While many Pokémon fans have hoped for an […]

Spelunky 2 launches on September 15

During Sony’s State of Play event today, Spelunky creator Derek Yu revealed that Spelunky 2 will launch on September 15. The original Spelunky came out in 2008 and became a hit thanks to its roguelike-inspired take on 2D exploration and action. Spelunky 2 will debut on PlayStation 4 and PC. It adds new characters, enemies, […]

Hitman III gets PSVR support for first-person assassinations

IO Interactive has a special feature for its upcoming Hitman III game, which is launching on consoles and PC this January. The studio revealed a virtual reality mode that will enable players to perform first-person murders using PSVR. IOI demoed the VR mode during PlayStation’s State of Play event today. During that announcement, the studio […]

Braid: Anniversary Edition will update an indie classic in early 2021

Braid: Anniversary Edition had its reveal during today’s Sony State of Play presentation. This updated version of the classic indie game is coming out in early 2021 for PlayStation 5. We may still hear about it coming out for other platforms. The original version of Braid came out in 2008. It was one of the […]

Women in Sales Part 3: Traits for Success in Cybersecurity Sales

At McAfee, women are finding the inclusiveness and tools to succeed in cybersecurity sales, a field often misconceived because of its technical background. They are doing so through perseverance, resolve, and the know-how to excel as sales professionals.  We recently kicked off our Women in Sales Series, which features inspiring women at McAfee. In Part 1, leading women discussed opportunities and in Part 2, they outlined the necessary skills to succeed.  This week meet more women at McAfee as they share their advice and distinguishing qualities or characteristics that defined […]

Researchers say ‘The Whiteness of AI’ in pop culture erases people of color

Depictions of artificial intelligence in popular culture as mostly white can carry a number of consequences, including the erasure of people who are not white, according to research released today by researchers from the University of Cambridge. The authors say the normalization of predominant depictions of AI as white can influence people aspiring to enter the […]

Researchers show holographic AR control system for autonomous drones

In theory, controlling a flying drone shouldn’t be much different from piloting a helicopter, but without a human in the cockpit, visualizing the drone’s current position relative to environmental obstacles can be tricky — it’s commonly two-dimensional, reliant on cameras and joysticks. This week, researchers Chuhao Liu and Shaojie Shen from the Hong Kong University […]