Facebook Gaming app debuts amid fight with Apple over instant games

Facebook launched its standalone Facebook Gaming app on iOS today, but it complained loudly that Apple would not let it launch instant games that are part of the app on Android. This Facebook app helps players find games and connect with friends. But it doesn’t let people play with each other instantly, as it does […]

AI Weekly: Can language models learn morality?

The fervor around state-of-the-art AI language models like OpenAI’s GPT-3 hasn’t died down. If anything, it’s gaining steam. Melanie Mitchell, a professor of computer science at Portland State University, found evidence that GPT-3 can make primitive analogies. Raphaël Millière, a philosopher of mind and cognitive science at Columbia University’s Center for Science and Society, asked […]

Hackers Flood Reddit With Pro-Trump Takeovers

In what appears to be a massive coordinated strike against Reddit, hackers took over dozens of pages on Friday afternoon, using their access to plaster pro-Donald Trump imagery across subreddits with huge followings. Coming just over three weeks after hackers used access to high-profile Twitter accounts to tweet a bitcoin scam, the wave of Reddit […]

Apple’s antitrust woes stem from its obsessions with control and money

Apple may now be the world’s largest or second-largest public company by market capitalization, but truly understanding the business requires a flash backwards to a different era: the mid-1990s, when Apple teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. Founder Steve Jobs had no shortage of outside advice after returning to fix the sinking Apple ship, but ultimately […]

In the wake of COVID-19, the offshoring model must change

With a market greater than US$50 billion in India alone, there is no denying the offshoring model works. It helps companies test, develop and bring digital products – like many of the gadgets, apps and technologies we use today – to market in a relatively cost-effective manner. That said, it’s no secret that the COVID-19 […]

Mars may not have been the warm, wet planet we thought it was

Mars today is a cold, dry wasteland—but things were likely much different billions of years ago. Since we started launching robotic missions to Mars in the 1970s, scientists have collected evidence that points to a warmer, wetter past for the Red Planet, where the surface was teeming with lakes and oceans that could have been […]

Researchers quantify bias in Reddit content sometimes used to train AI

In a paper published on the preprint server Arxiv.org, scientists at the King’s College London Department of Informatics used natural language to show evidence of pervasive gender and religious bias in Reddit communities. This alone isn’t surprising, but the problem is that data from these communities are often used to train large language models like […]

What is Tencent? – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The penguins are symbols of Tencent’s iconic messaging platform QQ, which launched five years before Facebook, in 1999 Based in Shenzhen and founded in 1998, the Chinese company Tencent enjoys huge popularity – and profits – in China. Its cute penguin symbol is as familiar to Chinese children as […]

ProBeat: Microsoft wants TikTok for the same reason the U.S. fears China

It’s been a month since U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration was considering banning TikTok. Plenty has happened since, but the situation really accelerated last weekend. In the span of a couple hours, we learned that President Trump was planning to sign an order directing China’s ByteDance to divest its ownership […]

User feedback can be found in unlikely places

In 2013, customer experience firm Walker released a report in which it predicted that by 2020, user experience would be the key differentiator for brands, and price and product would become less important to users when choosing among different digital services. Well, 2020 is here, and that prediction seems to have been pretty accurate. In […]