Stop gentrifying tech: Why ‘premium’ products make us all less efficient

The tech industry has long been divided between the efficacies of low-price, easy-entry products for widespread adoption and high-priced, premium products that allow access to only those with the means to pay. The viability of sitting on the latter end of the spectrum however, has recently been put to the test. COVID-19 caused three years […]

Black entrepreneurs can tap new markets — but only with VC backing

The racial wealth gap in the US is immense, and despite recent increased patronage of Black-owned businesses, that gap has actually expanded in recent years. There are many factors that have gone into creating this gap, and many issues that exist because of it, but it is critical to the economic future of the US […]

AI Driven Capabilities to Accelerate Tower Inspections

Telecoms are using drone tower inspection to facilitate cell phone tower surveillance, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness through 5G technology roll-out. Edge technology is a disbursed computing framework that enables data to be processed relatively close to where the drone sensors capture it. The edge gives drones the power to manage data much more effectively […]

Why Vindex will invest $300 million in esports gaming arenas

Mike Sepso and Sundance DiGiovanni were ahead of their time when they started the esports tournament company Major League Gaming in 2002. They persevered through a long winter and sold MLG to Activision Blizzard in 2015. There, Sepso helped design the Overwatch League. Now they’re on to a second act with Vindex, an esports investment […]

How to get your data scientists and data engineers rowing in the same direction

In the slow process of developing machine learning models, data scientists and data engineers need to work together, yet they often work at cross purposes. As ludicrous as it sounds, I’ve seen models take months to get to production because the data scientists were waiting for data engineers to build production systems to suit the […]

How a gaijin studio made the beautiful unrealism of Ghost of Tsushima

From the Japanese point of view, there is no way around it. Sucker Punch Productions, the maker of the Ghost of Tsushima samurai epic, is a gaijin studio. Gaijin is the Japanese word for foreigners, and it’s usually not a kind word. But in the case of Tsushima, there has been almost universal praise for […]

A British AI Tool to Predict Violent Crime Is Too Flawed to Use

A flagship artificial intelligence system designed to predict gun and knife violence in the UK before it happens had serious flaws that made it unusable, local police have admitted. The error led to large drops in accuracy, and the system was ultimately rejected by all of the experts reviewing it for ethical problems. WIRED UK […]

Flaws Could Have Exposed Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Hackers

Most people use either an app, an online platform, or a small hardware device as a wallet to store their cryptocurrency safely. The exchanges through which cryptocurrency changes hands, though, and other high stakes operations need something more like a massive digital bank vault. At the Black Hat security conference on Thursday, researchers detailed potential […]

Virtual Disneyland? Someone is remaking rides in Dreams on PSVR

Two weeks on and people are already making incredible things with Dreams’ PSVR support, like these authentic re-creations of Space Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Dreams creator TheArmyofDos just released these amazing experience, based on the popular rides at Disneyland in California. But it’s not just a simple VR roller […]

Fifa 21 gameplay trailer: Agile dribbling and new features

EA Sports There’s loads of changes to gameplay in the new Fifa game The official gameplay trailer for Fifa 21 has been released showing off loads of new features. The new game comes out in October and follows Fifa 20 which received a lot of criticism after its release last year, with some players unhappy […]