New – High-Performance HDD Storage for Amazon FSx for Lustre File Systems

Many workloads, such as genome analysis, training of machine learning models, High Performance Computing (HPC), and analytics applications depend on multiple compute instances accessing the same set of data. For these workloads, clusters of compute instances are commonly connected to a high-performance shared file system. Amazon FSx for Lustre makes it easy and cost-effective to […]

What happens when an algorithm gets it wrong

In the first of a four-part series on FaceID, host Jennifer Strong explores the false arrest of Robert Williams by police in Detroit. The odd thing about Willliams’s ordeal wasn’t that police used face recognition to ID him—it’s that the cops told him about it. There’s no law saying they have to. The episode starts […]

What happens in Vegas… is captured on camera

The use of facial recognition by police has come under a lot of scrutiny. In part three of our four-part series on FaceID, host Jennifer Strong takes you to Sin City, which actually has one of America’s most buttoned-up policies on when cops can capture your likeness. She also finds out why celebrities like Woody […]

Organize and share your content with folders in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition now supports folders for organization and sharing content. Folders in QuickSight are of two types: Personal folders – Allow individual authors and administrators to organize assets for their personal ease of navigation and manageability Shared folders – Allow authors and administrators to define folder hierarchies that they can share across the […]

Research shows natural language benchmarks don’t measure AI models’ general knowledge well

Open-domain question-answering models — models theoretically capable of responding to novel questions with novel answers — often simply memorize answers found in the data on which they’re trained, depending on the data set. That’s the assertion of a team of researchers affiliated with Facebook and the University College London, who in a preprint paper present […]

Report: A 430% increase in next-generation supply chain attacks in last year

The past year saw a 430% increase in next-generation cyber attacks aimed at actively infiltrating open source software supply chains, according to the 2020 State of the Software Supply Chain report.  In the past 12 months, 929 next-generation software supply chain attacks were recorded. By comparison, 216 such attacks were recorded between February 2015 and […]

Adobe to discontinue PhoneGap development

Adobe announced it is ending the development for PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build. PhoneGap was created in 2008 to give mobile app developers a way to easily create web and mobile applications with a single codebase.  Since 2008, the industry and market has evolved and PhoneGap usage has declined.  “In the context of these developments and […]

Coronavirus: England’s contact-tracing app gets green light for trial

Image caption The Isle of Wight has been picked as a test bed for England’s contact-tracing app for a second time England’s revamped coronavirus contact-tracing app is set to begin public trials on Thursday. The software will be based on Apple and Google’s privacy-centric method of one smartphone detecting another. Engineers are still trying to […]

Vulnerability Discovery in Open Source Libraries Part 1: Tools of the Trade

Executive Summary Open source has become the foundation for modern software development. Vendors use open source software to stay competitive and improve the speed, quality, and cost of the development process. At the same time, it is critical to maintain and audit open source libraries used in products as they can expose a significant volume […]

Researchers claim bias in AI named entity recognition models

Twitter researchers claim to have found evidence of demographic bias in named entity recognition, the first step toward generating automated knowledge bases, or the repositories leveraged by services like search engines. They say their analysis reveals AI performs better at identifying names from specific groups, and the biases manifest in syntax, semantics, and how word […]