Activision teases Call of Duty: 2020 in a basement in Warzone

Activision has teased its Call of Duty 2020 game, believed to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, in the Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale spinoff. The publisher hasn’t revealed it yet, but Doritos accidentally leaked information and the title about the next game, corroborating others that point to a 1960s Cold War […]

The RetroBeat: The 10 best U.S. launch titles ever

Halo: Infinite’s delay puts Microsoft in a weird spot, as its upcoming Xbox Series X is now without a major launch title. This had me pondering the importance of launch games. Do they really matter? Well, they can! A great game that comes out at the same time as a new system can help give […]

AWS Online Tech Talks for August 2020

Join us for live, online presentations led by AWS solutions architects and engineers. AWS Online Tech Talks cover a range of topics and expertise levels, and feature technical deep dives, demonstrations, customer examples, and live Q&A with AWS experts. Note – All sessions are free and in Pacific Time. Can’t join us live? Access webinar […]

Wildlife Studios raises $120 million for casual mobile games at $3 billion valuation

Brazil’s Wildlife Studios has raised $120 million in a new round of funding for its casual games across multiple genres. Wildlife Studio’s mobile game hits include titles such as Zooba, Tennis Clash, and Castle Crush. They’re among a half-dozen successes among more than 60 games that the company has released since Victor and Arthur Lazarte […]

Fortnite’s ‘safety and fairness’ ban actually hurts users and developers

When the news broke yesterday that Apple and Google banned Epic’s super-popular game Fortnite from their app stores, most people focused on the bans — how could this happen? — and Epic’s nearly instant, comprehensive lawsuits against both tech giants. Given how quickly everything was moving, they might have missed the specific reasons Apple and […]

Google researchers use quantum computing to help improve image classification

In a new tutorial, Google researchers demonstrate how quantum computing techniques can be used to classify 28-pixel-by-28-pixel images illuminated by a single photon. By transforming the quantum state of that photon, they show they’re able to achieve “at least” 41.27% accuracy on the popular MNIST corpus of handwritten digits — a 21.27% improvement over classical […]

AWS releases Braket for quantum computing and development

Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of Amazon Braket, which was designed to help developers and researchers get started with quantum computing, providing development tools, simulators, and access to a diverse set of quantum hardware. According to the company, Amazon Braket can be used to test and troubleshoot quantum algorithms on simulated quantum […]

ProBeat: Microsoft’s Surface Duo is dead on arrival, regardless of price

Microsoft this week pulled back the curtain on the Surface Duo‘s price and availability: 128GB for $1,400 and 256GB for $1,500, both shipping on September 10. Too bad the dual-screen Android device is dead on arrival. The price tag is tough to swallow, especially during a pandemic. After all, 2020 is seeing a resurgence in […]