Researchers propose using the game Overcooked to benchmark collaborative AI systems

Deep reinforcement learning systems are among the most capable in AI, particularly in the robotics domain. However, in the real world, these systems encounter a number of situations and behaviors to which they weren’t exposed during development. In a step toward systems that can collaborate with humans in order to help them accomplish their goals, […]

The Growing Benefits of Data Analytics and Big Data in Education

Businesses have been using big data for years. Analyzing large data sets, they get invaluable insights and uncover patterns and trends in their area of interest. Yet, the concept of big data has evolved. Today, it goes beyond marketing purposes and thus can be helpful in many other industries, in particular in education. Schools, colleges, […]

The RetroBeat: River City Girls is a beat-’em-up delight

I enjoyed my holiday break because it gave me time to play a lot more games than normal. And after spending about 20 hours diving into Dragon Quest VII, a JRPG notorious for its slow pace, I needed something that’s a bit more exciting. So I jumped on my Xbox Series X and started browsing […]

Cumulus Digital Systems raises $8 million to expand data monitoring for industrial facilities

Massachusetts-based SaaS startup Cumulus Digital Systems, whose cloud platform monitors industrial data for quality assurance, will announce an $8 million funding round later today. Cumulus plans to use this money from GEC to advance its platform with additional connected-tool integrations and advanced data analytics for failure prediction. Once the company builds its primary tech stack, […]

Microsoft on how open source and software development can improve in 2021

2020 was a big year for open source. Sixty million new repositories were created last year, and more than 56 million developers are now on GitHub, according to GitHub’s Octoverse report. This prompted Microsoft to lay out a few things developers can do to improve their engagement with open source moving forward. The first lesson […]

AI Weekly: Meet the people trying to replicate and open-source OpenAI’s GPT-3

EleutherAI According to Leahy, EleutherAI began as “something of a joke” on TPU Podcast, a machine learning Discord server, where he playfully suggested someone should try to replicate GPT-3. Leahy, Gao, and Black took this to its logical extreme and founded the EleutherAI Discord server, which became the base of the organization’s operations. “I consider […]

Two Pink Lines | McAfee Blogs

Depending on your life experiences, the phrase (or country song by Eric Church) “two pink lines” may bring up a wide range of powerful emotions.    I suspect, like many fathers and expecting fathers, I will never forget the moment I found out my wife was pregnant.  You might recall what you were doing, or where […]

Feature store repositories emerge as an MLOps linchpin for advancing AI

A battle for control over machine learning operations (MLOps) is beginning in earnest as organizations embrace feature store repositories to build AI models more efficiently. A feature store is at its core a data warehouse through which developers of AI models can share and reuse the artifacts that make up an AI model as well […]