3 tech trends that COVID-19 will accelerate in 2021

Spending 2020 under the shadow of a pandemic has affected what we need and expect from technology. For many, COVID-19 accelerated the rate of digital transformation: as employees worked from home, companies needed AI systems that facilitated remote work and the computing power to support them. The question is, how should companies focus their resources […]

Cashierless tech could detect shoplifting, but bias concerns abound

As the pandemic continues to rage around the world, it’s becoming clear that COVID-19 will endure longer than some health experts initially predicted. Owing in part to slow vaccine rollouts, rapidly spreading new strains, and politically charged rhetoric around social distancing, the novel coronavirus is likely to become endemic, necessitating changes in the ways we […]

PlayStation starts 2021 as king of TV ad impressions

PlayStation has continued its domination of gaming industry TV advertising into the new year, racking up over 425.7 million ad impressions from mid-December to mid-January — 44% of the industry’s total. Overall, 16 brands aired 51 spots more than 4,000 times during our measurement window, resulting in 962.7 million TV ad impressions. Once again, sports […]

The FTC Cracks Down on Bot-Wielding Ticket Scalpers

This week, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. To commemorate the outgoing Donald Trump’s four years in office, we took a look at the most absurd, bizarre, or outright dangerous things Trump has said about cybersecurity. (At least he’s not saying them on Facebook or Twitter anymore.) He’s […]

Chrome and Edge Want to Help Solve Your Password Problems

If you’re like lots of people, someone has probably nagged you to use a password manager and you still haven’t heeded the advice. Now, Chrome and Edge are coming to the rescue with beefed-up password management built directly into the browsers. Microsoft on Thursday announced a new password generator for the recently released Edge 88. […]

We could know soon whether vaccines work against a scary new coronavirus variant

When it was first detected, the South African variant looked worrisome because of the large number of mutations it had gained, 23 in all, and how many of these were in the critical spike protein, which the virus uses to attach to human cells. That strongly suggested the virus was evolving to avoid antibodies.  Since […]

Microsoft reverses Xbox Live Gold price increase, free-to-play games set free

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a price increase for Xbox Live Gold, the subscription service that lets Xbox users play games online. Somehow, Microsoft was surprised to find out that this was an unpopular move. So less than 24 hours later, Microsoft is backtracking. Xbox Live Gold will not see its price raised. Further, free-to-play games […]

Italy's Mediaset wins two legal cases involving online piracy

MILAN (Reuters) – Italian broadcaster Mediaset said on Friday it had won two legal cases against French and U.S. portals involving online piracy. In a statement, the broadcaster said an Italian court had ordered France’s Dailymotion to pay it more than 22 million euros ($27 million) for publishing illegally 15,000 videos using Mediaset content. The […]