AI Weekly: Announcing our ‘AI and the future of health care’ special issue

Artificial intelligence and health care both deal heavily with issues of complexity, efficacy, and societal impact. All of that is multiplied when the two intersect. As health care providers and vendors work to use AI and data to improve patient care, health outcomes, medical research, and more, they face what are now standard AI challenges. […]

Data-Driven Businesses Use Smart Data to Cut Expenses

Whether you are an entrepreneur or you own an established business, you should constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to save money and time, while still providing value. There are several ways in which businesses can reduce their business expenses. For example, they could maximize their employees’ skills or cut production costs. Another way […]

Researchers propose AI that creates ‘controllable’ videos

Humans at an early age can identify objects and how each object can interact with its environment. For example, when watching videos of sports like tennis and football, spectators and sportscasters can understand and anticipate plays despite never being given a list of possible actions. We as humans develop this skill as we watch events […]

VSM 101: Value trumps flow

2020 was a big year for value streams in terms of awareness and education. But, now that organizations and development teams understand what a value stream management program can do for them, 2021 will really emphasize getting the value out of value stream management.  In a webinar on SD Times, ConnectALL’s COO Lance Knight, Onit’s […]

The RetroBeat: Classic Mega Man is better than the X series

A week or so ago, I once again got mad because of a tweet. Specifically, it was this one from Nintendo of America, asking people if they like Mega Man or Mega Man X better. Mega Man or Mega Man X? — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) January 21, 2021 Despite my best attempts to rally […]

Stocks explained: What’s going on with GameStop?

There has been a lot of interest in the stock market this week after investors from the Reddit message board managed to give shares in GameStop a huge boost. Here’s a look back at the story so far, with an explanation of stocks, short-selling and what has been happening with GameStop. Video journalists: Chris Fox […]

5 ways to finally fix data privacy in America

As a new administration enters the White House, we have the chance to finally fix privacy in America. Short of passing a national privacy law (which the majority of Americans want), we need action on data privacy. We need changes enacted swiftly and without delay. Both consumers and businesses deserve consistency and clarity. As business […]

Flying cars airport of the future to land in England

LONDON (Reuters) – An airport for flying cars will thrust the English city of Coventry into the future later this year, with a project aimed at demonstrating how air taxis will work in urban centres. Urban-Air Port, a British-based start-up, has partnered with car giant Hyundai Motor to develop the infrastructure required for when flying […]