How 2020 Has Shaped The Way We Live Our Lives

How 2020 Has Shaped The Way We Live Our Lives I’ve had such a busy morning! I’ve hunted down my favourite foundation, bought a puzzle mat, stocked up on special dog food for our naughty new puppy, ordered the groceries, made a few appointments and chatted with several friends. And guess what? I haven’t left […]

Splatoon 3 is real, and we deserve it because we’ve been good

Nintendo is making Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch. The company confirmed the competitive ink shooter in its Nintendo Direct video showcase today. Splatoon 3 is launching in 2022. With the distant release date, Nintendo didn’t say much about what is new in the game. But it did show off some gameplay that takes place in […]

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gets remastered for Switch

Nintendo announced today that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is coming to Switch with a fresh remaster. It will release on July 16. The Wii U already got HD remasters of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, so Skyward Sword’s turn seemed likely. The game first came out for the Wii back in 2011, […]

Star Wars Hunters is a new Zynga game coming to Switch

Zynga is releasing a Star Wars game on consoles. The studio is working with its developer NaturalMotion Games to release Star Wars Hunters this year for Nintendo Switch. The companies announced the game today as part of the Nintendo Direct video showcase. Calling All Hunters! Get ready for an all-new squad-based, free-to-play arena combat game […]

Project Triangle Strategy is a tactical-RPG from the Octopath team

Nintendo revealed Project Triangle Strategy from Square Enix today during its Nintendo Direct event. A demo will be available later today, but the full game will not release until 2022. Project Triangle Strategy is something of a spiritual successor to Octopath Traveler (which was called Project Octopath Traveler when first revealed). Like that game, this […]

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville hits Switch on March 19

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville is emerging from the ground on Nintendo Switch like a zombie and/or plant. Developer PopCap Vancouver is launching the competitive shooter on the hybrid home/handheld console as a “Complete Edition” on March 19. This version of the game has all of the previously released Battle For Neighborville content, and […]

Millions Affected by Malware Attributed to Android Barcode-Scanning App  | McAfee Blogs Millions Affected by Malware Attributed to Android Barcode-Scanning App

We’ve all come to a realization that we don’t go anywhere without our phone. It’s a utility that helps us navigate our daily lives: directions, schedules, shopping, discounts, banking, and so on. And as our reliance on our smartphone continues to grow, it’s no wonder that hackers have taken notice. This time, it’s another case […]

Getting started with Trace Analytics in Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Trace Analytics is now available for Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) domains running versions 7.9 or later. Developers and IT Ops teams can use this feature to troubleshoot performance and availability issues in their distributed applications. It provides end-to-end insights that are not possible with traditional methods of collecting logs and metrics from each component and service individually. […]

Domain Age as an Internet Filter Criteria

Use of “domain age” is a feature being promoted by various firewall and web security vendors as a method to protect users and systems from accessing malicious internet destinations. The concept is to use domain age as a generic traffic filtering parameter. The thought is that hosts associated with newly registered domains should be either […]

Feds Indict North Korean Hackers for Years of Heists and Scams

Most surprising, perhaps, is the extent of the hackers’ alleged schemes as cryptocurrency scammers and even would-be entrepreneurs. The indictment outlines how the North Koreans—specifically Kim Il—made plans to launch a cryptocurrency token scheme called Marine Chain, which would sell a blockchain-based stake in marine vessels including cargo ships. According to the British think tank […]