China regulator finalizes guidelines on banks' internet loan businesses

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s bank regulator on Saturday tightened requirements on the internet loan business of commercial banks, amid heightened scrutiny of online lending by internet giants such as Ant Group Co, the finance arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Commercial banks must jointly contribute funds to issue internet loans with a partner, and the […]

Bitcoin and ethereum prices 'seem high,' says Musk

(Reuters) – Billionaire CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday the price of bitcoin and ethereum seemed high, at a time when the cryptocurrencies have hit record highs, with bitcoin crossing the $1 trillion market-capitalization threshold. The chief executive of Tesla Inc, whose recent tweets have fueled the digital-currency rally, made the remark on Twitter while […]

Salesforce Research wields AI to study medicine, economics, and speech

In 2015, Salesforce researchers working out of a basement under a Palo Alto West Elm furniture store developed the prototype of what would become Einstein, Salesforce’s AI platform that powers predictions across its products. As of November, Einstein is serving over 80 billion predictions per day for tens of thousands of businesses and millions of […]

Sites Have a Sneaky New Way to Track You Across the Web

This week saw the first known appearance of malware written specifically for Apple’s M1 processors, in inevitable but still somewhat concerning development, especially given how little time it took the bad guys to adjust to the new ARM-based architecture. Fortunately, this week Apple also put out its latest Platform Security Guide, which should help security […]

What you need to know about the no-code/low-code landscape

No-code and low-code platforms have been generating a lot of excitement recently. Among other things, they’re seen as a means of empowering business users to create their own internal software solutions — and, in the process, eliminate, on their own, things like bottlenecks, technology gaps, overly burdensome demand on IT, app sprawl, and even shadow […]

Nintendo knocks Sony off its TV ad impressions perch

Thanks in part to an ad that aired during the Super Bowl Kickoff Show on CBS, Nintendo led gaming industry TV ad impressions during a recent 30-day period. Overall, 13 brands aired 36 spots over 3,000 times, generating 387.3 million TV ad impressions, 79.3% of which came from Nintendo. Notably, PlayStation, which has long dominated […]

What we can learn from the Facebook-Australia news debacle

Democracies around the world are all mired in one crisis or another, which is why measures of their health are trending in the wrong direction. Many look at the decline of the news industry as one contributing factor. No wonder, then, that figuring out how to pay for journalism is an urgent issue, and some […]

Taiwan says receives U.S. letter on auto chips, firms are doing what they should

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua said on Saturday she had received a letter from the White House on the global shortage of auto chips and Taiwanese semiconductor firms are “doing what they should” to address the problem. Tight chip supplies have caused problems for auto makers globally, who in some cases are […]