Diablo IV interview: Making a modern rogue

Diablo IV was a major part of Blizzard’s BlizzCon Online event last weekend, with the studio revealing the rogue class and explaining new systems like camps. It was our best look at the action role-playing game since its reveal at BlizzCon 2019. And while we know Diablo IV won’t be launching this year, this taste […]

Enterprises customize Clinc’s conversational AI to connect with their customers

Conversational AI platform company Clinc has experienced significant product pivots since it was founded by a group of University of Michigan computer scientists in 2015. It has also undergone leadership changes and investigations into its former CEO’s alleged pattern of sexual harassment. Now the company is carving out a niche within the financial services market, where […]

PlayStation owners alone can no longer satisfy Sony’s needs

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan is looking to create an open relationship between PlayStation games and PlayStation fans. That started with games like Horizon Zero Dawn making the move from PS4 to PC, and now the company is continuing this with Days Gone. In an interview with British GQ, Ryan said the open-world zombie […]

Announcing the MIT Technology Review Covid Inequality Fellowships

Early in the pandemic, some headlines argued that covid-19 was the great equalizer—because anyone, no matter their circumstance, could catch it. In reality, it was clear that the virus was affecting some groups of Americans in disproportionate, devastating ways.  Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indigenous communities, and other people of color have been affected the most, […]

Proposed framework could reduce energy consumption of federated learning

Modern machine learning systems consume massive amounts of energy. In fact, it’s estimated that training a large model can generate as much carbon dioxide as the total lifetime of five cars. The impact could worsen with the emergence of machine learning in distributed and federated learning settings, where billions of devices are expected to train […]

How Telehealth and 5G Are Transforming Healthcare

The use of telehealth rose sharply in the early days of COVID-19 and has remained high since. Healthcare providers that were previously reluctant to experiment with the tech are now embracing it, and many plan to continue offering telehealth services post-pandemic. At the same time, major telecommunications providers are finalizing their rollout of 5G, the […]

Hitman 3 gets a tactical turtleneck (tac-turt) in first major patch

Hitman 3 is getting some more content in its first significant patch. Developer IO Interactive launched the update today for consoles, PC, and Stadia. With this download, players will get a handful of important fixes, some new missions, and — most important — a deathly stylish tactical turtleneck. The tac-turt is a new reward for […]

AI researchers detail obstacles to data sharing in Africa

AI researchers say data sharing is a key part of economic growth in Africa but that it faces a number of common obstacles, including the threat of data colonialism. The African data market is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, and the African Data Centre trade organization predicts the African data market will […]