Run usage analytics on Amazon QuickSight using AWS CloudTrail

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-native BI service that allows end users to create and publish dashboards in minutes, without provisioning any servers or requiring complex licensing. You can view these dashboards on the QuickSight product console or embed them into applications and websites. After you deploy a dashboard, it’s important to assess how they and […]

Gaming, datacenters boost Nvidia’s Q4 revenues to $5 billion

Nvidia reported revenues of $5.0 billion for its fourth fiscal quarter ended January 31, up 61% from a year earlier. The revenues and non-GAAP earnings per share of $3.10 beat expectations as new gaming hardware and AI products generated strong demand. A year ago, Nvidia reported non-GAAP earnings per share of $1.89 on revenues of […]

Benefits of Big Data and Satellite Imagery for Other Industries

The scope of satellite big data applications has dramatically increased lately. Satellite companies offer commercial high-resolution images, and computer companies provide mighty cloud facilities to process them. Basically, while one company retrieves images, the other one ensures their computing. Spatial data helps almost in any niche of human activities. Satellite imagery fuels scientific researches and drives many […]

Google to fund two full-time Linux kernel security developers

Google and the Linux Foundation have announced plans to maintain and improve Linux’s long-term security. As part of the plan, the organizations will prioritize funds to underwrite long-time Linux kernel maintainers Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor as full-time developers focused on Linux kernel security development.  This decision follows a survey by the Linux Foundation’s Open […]

Palantir: NHS faces legal action over data firm contract

Under the Palantir deal, NHS data is anonymised – with no names, addresses, or other identifying details – and it is not kept by Palantir. The firm contributes use of its software and staff, but does not store the data itself, which remains under the control of the NHS. Credit: Source link

BioWare cans Anthem Next, focuses on Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Anthem‘s reboot, dubbed Anthem Next, is no more. BioWare made the announcement in a blog post today. Anthem debuted February 22, 2019, almost two years ago. The ambitious BioWare multiplayer cooperative shooter soon met criticism for its lack of content and technical issues. BioWare released a series of updates and announced a major rework, Anthem […]

Data mesh challenges common data assumptions

A new data architecture that aims to challenge the preconceived notions of data and enable organizations to scale and move faster was introduced at this month’s Starburst Datanova conference. “The inconvenient truth is that despite increased investment in AI and data, the results have not been that great,” Zhamak Dehghani, director of emerging technology for […]

TypeScript 4.2 comes with smarter type alias preservation

Microsoft has announced the official release of TypeScript 4.2, the latest version of its JavaScript superset programming language. There are a number of new features in this release, including smarter type alias preservation, leading/middle rest elements in tuple types, and stricter checks for the “in” operator.  Type aliases can be used to avoid having to […]

German prosecutor looking into regulator's handling of Wirecard

By Tom Sims FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Frankfurt prosecutors are looking into German financial regulator BaFin’s handling of collapsed payments company Wirecard, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday. Prosecutors and federal police made an unannounced visit to BaFin’s headquarters on Wednesday to hand over a letter requesting information, the spokesman said. BaFin has […]