3 Ways Technology Is Radically Transforming Military Operations in 2020


In 2019, the United States Department of Defense proposed a $718 billion budget for 2020. This budget would set aside $927 million for AI and machine learning. It’s clear that the military, like so many other sectors and industries, is prioritizing technology when it comes to improving their practices and procedures — and software development companies like BairesDev are rising to the challenge.

How, exactly, is technology transforming the military and its operations? Here are three key ways.

Artificial intelligence

Practically since its inception, AI has been a major force in military equipment. It has vast-reaching implications for a wide array of systems and tools used in planning, practicing, combat, and beyond.

For example, AI is being used in military aircraft systems for predictive maintenance. The Defense Innovation Unit, established by the Pentagon in 2015 to connect technology vendors and the military, granted C3.ai a $95 million contract to improve aircraft.

C3.ai is developing software that leverages machine learning algorithms that will monitor systems and identify potential failures, as well as assess the maintenance that must occur in order to keep aircraft in the air. The tool will also be able to identify the new parts aircraft need and where to find them.

This is just …

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