5 Ecommerce Brands Succeeding with Chatbots


Out of the expected $126 billion global revenue from Artificial Intelligence solutions by 2025, eCommerce is said to be one of the biggest consumers of the same. To be precise, eCommerce firms have already been using eCommerce chatbots with the AI capabilities and the usage has only grown over time. The chatbots that we see these days are a perfect blend of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and even live-operations in parallel to ensure the efficacy.Looking at the current growth in AI and eCommerce chatbot market, one is not wrong to expect that soon these chatbots will take care of a lot more than just assisting the visitors on an eCommerce website. In fact, many companies have been using unified chatbots that manage not just live chats but also the back-end business operations such as tracking the inventory, offering eLearning for employees with just-in-time assistance, risk evaluation, and a lot more.In this article, we are going to discuss specifically the top brands who have shown
successful implementations of AI chatbots and have established better
communication with their target prospects to ensure the best possible
customer service, product recommendations, and boost in the overall
sales figures.SephoraLook on the …

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