7 Ways AI and Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Education Industry


Two words and one excitingly complex field of computer science separate AI assistants from our average desktop computers. We call it machine learning or ML for short. This recently popularized achievement in technology can be explained with a simple comparative correlative – the more often AI interacts with data, the more intelligent it becomes.

Let’s dwell on it for a second.

Isn’t this also the fundamental premise of education, the practice committed to imparting, acquiring, and applying knowledge? The more we know, the smarter we become, correct? The only difference is – AI learns way faster than us.

For this and many other reasons, artificial intelligence is now the number one candidate for changing the face of the education industry as we know it. And this is happening as we speak.

Here’s how.

AI Automates Personalized Learning

Machine learning allows AI assistants to collect data and learn from patterns. In the context of education, this means that every interaction between AI and students results in invaluable insight about their individual learning habits, preferences, and confusion points.

With enough data, AI can generate detailed student profiles and use them to create custom-tailored learning paths and highly personalized learning environments for all types of students.

Being super-fast and automatic, AI assistants are …

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