8 Compelling Benefits of Cloud Computing for Thriving SMEs


You may not be aware, but you are already using many cloud services. This technology has already taken the modern business by storm, and if you are using a computer, and have a smartphone, many services that you use on a daily basis are based on cloud computing. Whether you are backing up your photos on Dropbox, Google Photos, or some other service, using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or some other mail provider and listening to music on Apple Music, Deezer, or YouTube Music – you are enjoying the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is all about having computing as a service, somewhere on the internet, instead of the physical system on-premises. When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many advantages that cloud computing brings. Like it was with the Internet, and online presence once, the same goes for cloud computing today: “If you are not using cloud computing, you are already one step behind your competitors.”

Let us go over the top benefits that cloud computing brings to SMEs.

1. Access and share data from anywhere

The web-based nature of cloud computing allows access from anywhere. Once you have your username and password, you can access your cloud data and …

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