International IT Recruitment Startup

ITcareersholland is an International Recruitment Startup with the focus on Software and Data(Analytics) professionals.

We connect skilled Software and Data(Analytics) talents who live in Europe with companies in the Netherlands.

ITcareersholland believes that the IT talent can offer valuable solutions to a company with the use of soft skills and unique personality traits.

That is why our goal is to emphasis on the soft skills, personality traits and unique experiences of the IT talent.
Due to the personal approach and our focus for the needs of the IT talent and client we focus on a positive candidate experience.


Solution 2020
We are a great solution to help the company to find and select skilled IT-talent for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2020.

Moreover we believe that our values and service help us to play an essential role for a positive customer experience. Every day we work hard to stay a successful Recruitment Partner for the international IT talent and the company that is searching for skilled IT talent.

We work according recruitment and selection. 

Foundation ITcareersholland

ITcareersholland is founded in 2019 but the idea of an Recruitment Agency is more than 10 years old.

In 2009 the Founder lived for a time in Milan. He discovered that many students were unhappy with the current labor market in Italy.

At different Universities in Milan he spoke with a dozen of future graduates about the Dutch and Italian system.

After a long journey of studies, different jobs and living in another country, the right time arrived to think more explicit about entrepreneurship.

Madou Bochem

Madou Bochem

In 2009 I spoke with a lot of University students in Milan about an International work experience in the Netherlands.
Many ideas about an International Recruitment Solutions were exchanged. Ten years later I experience that those ideas are still valuable.

Since 2018 detailed plans are conducted to understand the opportunities in a professional way.

In April 2019 Madou decided, in corporation with the HAN University to participate in the project, Gelderland Valoriseert.
The starters voucher was granted after pitching the innovative plan for an own company in front of an assessment committee.

HAN University
The HAN University is closely involved in the region with Startup Gelderland

and in the developments for financing startups.

With professional contacts at the HAN University who are helping Madou with his entrepreneurship he confirms the additional value of help to grow as an entrepreneur.