Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate International
IT-talents up to 35 years-old in a personal way
to a career in the Netherlands.


Our Values

We are a multicultural team with a good understanding of different cultures.

We are flexible in our communication
and are convinced that respect, transparencyand personal attention 
is the key to satisfy our clients and

We strive to improve their situation a little bit better every day.

Therefore, we embrace feedback so we can constantly improve our service.
The focus is to become a professional
facilitator for a job seekers in
the Netherlands so we can select the
(suitable) candidate for the open
IT-vacancy in the company.

Core values

For a start-up such as ITcareersholland
the values are essential for the further
design and improvement
of the activities.

Therefore, ITcareerholland has developed
a statement that expresses what is
most important for us.
This enables us to make decisions
that are aligned with our
values and our goals.



Our Vision

ITcareersholland strives to make the
job application process for
International IT-talents:
1. personal,
2. understandable and
3. simple

Our goal is to ensure by 2024
that European IT-talents experience
equal opportunities when applying
for a similar job in
the Netherlands.

The explanation of our values


Constantly searches for the best way to communicate and exchange knowledge with each other


  • Our customers decide what is the best way to communicate with us
  • We strive to explain all business communication in an informal way
  • We embrace feedback from customers to improve our services
  • All our communication is focused on personal development


Constantly searches for ways to make our services more accessible


  • For our customers is the process clear and explicit
  • We communicate in an open and honest way to each other
  • We use clear language in our communication
  • We strive to minimize complexity


Engagement and care about others


  • We strive to allow all parties to communicate in an equal way
  • We appreciate the opinion, time and space of the others
  • We believe that corporation produces the best results
  • Diversity is a way to learn from each other