AI and The Future of Enterprise Mobility


In an increasingly competitive business world, companies across the industries are expanding the scope of technology in their operations to stay ahead of the curve. Traditional processes are gradually getting replaced by smart technologies and the growing application of mobility is shrinking the physical office space now. As mobile technologies continue to bring innovative features and business-related functionalities, a smartphone is taking up bigger responsibilities in becoming an entire workspace in itself. Whether it is accessing a knowledge source or internal or external communication, it is all possible through a mobile device today.Since the engagement of people with mobile devices is only increasing and various studies have proven that people are spending more time on their smartphones, businesses are realizing the potential of mobility as to how it can bring a higher level of operational efficiency and employee productivity. Leveraging mobile apps, novel, and innovative features, and location-based services, enterprises are attempting to redefine the work environment and enhancing employee experience.Mobility has acquired a rapid pace in recent years and there are several case studies from around the world where it has been instrumental in generating higher outputs and increasing overall organizational performance. Capabilities of enterprise mobility are well above …

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