AI Assisted Dentist: How Artificial Intelligence Will Reform Dentistry by 2050


Artificial intelligence in dentistry is going to revolutionize the dental industry. Patients will be fundamentally different in the future than they are today, and the change is in full swing. According to current analyses, patients aged 65 and over have a close relationship with their doctors, while baby boomers (born until 1970) often want a second opinion. Accordingly, doctor loyalty declined significantly, especially from generation Y or Selfie (born after 1985).Due to the growing Internet penetration, young patients are looking for specialized doctors, and at the same time – contradictively – want “holistic” care. The latter has resulted in a trend towards closer inter-professional collaboration, for example in dentistry and dental technology.After 2000 births (generation Z / Greta), on the one hand, they focused on the topic of sustainability. Regardless, they are “technoholics” and believe in artificial intelligence and robot technology. The media and the Internet are the primary source of information for this generation. Since, this generation is going to be the future market, artificial intelligence and robotic treatments in the medical industry is going to be the trend in the second half of this century.Role of AI in DentistryLet’s start with a fundamental question first, what is AI? …

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