AI Cyber-Attacks: What Is It and How to Protect Against Them


Experts forecast a drastic increase in AI-orchestrated cybercrimes over the next few years. Here is what you need to know about this type of attacks and how you should protect yourself against them.Artificial intelligence is a dangerous power that can be used both for good and bad purposes. The problem with AI is that it is indifferent to morality. It can equally easily enhance national, corporate, and private security — and breach it, create vaccines against terminal diseases — and assist in spreading deadly viruses.So far, the news that we have read and heard of AI has been predominantly positive. It contributes to scientific progress, automates manufacturing processes, saves human specialists lots of time and effort in multiple spheres of life. However, once evil minds start to use AI as a weapon, the losses will be colossal.In Which Way AI Cyberattacks Are Different from Human OnesAI is a tough and ruthless enemy. If you have ever tried to play cards or chess against a computer, you know that it thinks, acts, and calculates much faster than the most intellectual human. AI never gets tired or loses motivation. If you hire such a hacker, you won’t need to pay them: just …

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