AI Driven Capabilities to Accelerate Tower Inspections


Telecoms are using drone tower inspection to facilitate cell phone tower surveillance, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness through 5G technology roll-out. Edge technology is a disbursed computing framework that enables data to be processed relatively close to where the drone sensors capture it. The edge gives drones the power to manage data much more effectively and more securely than existing network with its convergence of technology and connectivity. To help programs that is part of the drone-based Internet of Things ecosystem, it offers reduced lag and effective use of device and web resources. Drones can simplify data management with the AI computational power and transmit data straight to the cloud for storage and processing. Edge computing also enables data to be transmitted right from the position of the drone, for example inside a cell tower or data center on local edge.These innovations have important consequences for the distribution and inspection of drones, allowing businesses and public safety authorities to incorporate more drones to conduct complicated tasks of any situation that produce and consume massive volumes of data and leading-edge inter connectivity. The geographically distributed edge is rapidly becoming a real thing as native cloud computing are deployed by Microsoft Azure …

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